the wadden sea, wadden sea germany

It does not happen every day that ask you to make a list of your best European destinations to try for 2016. We are honored getting this opportunity.

One of our favorite European destinations we have visited and loved it immediately is the Wadden Sea in Germany. The Wadden Sea is part of the larger Schleswig Holstein Wadden Sea national park, which is under UNESCO world heritage protection. But that is not the only reason to pay attention.

the wadden sea, wadden sea germany

The Wadden Sea in Germany – European destination to try for 2016

We loved the Wadden Sea for its mud walk, which made us feel like kids again. Walking bare foot in thick mud and looking for lugworms is something you don’t forget easily! The mud walk sure makes it a great thing to try, when traveling to Germany, and we would recommend it to everyone, traveling with or without kids.

For everyone who likes the freedom and vast open spaces, make sure to find out more about the Wadden Sea and its mud walk here. If we were you, we’d put it high on our travel bucket list, as it is not only fun, but also educational.