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All the things to do in Texel Island were a big surprise to us, as the island was totally unknown to us. Holland has been popular among travelers for years and when we’d decided to visit a little known Texel Islands, lots of locals were surprised and asked us why Texel? Oh my, how amazed they were, when we told them the main reasons are some nice photos we have seen on the web and the fact that we had no idea about Texel before traveling to Holland.

Things to do in Texel

Picturesque nature (Things to do in Texel)

Best fun things to do in Texel Island

As soon as we reached the Texel Island, we knew it was one of the best decisions made during our Holland roadtrip. The Texel Island did not just positively surprised us – we were absolutely stunned when exploring it.

Things to do in Texel

Loved the landscape, covered with heather (Things to do in Texel)

  • Stunning nature

Driving around the Texel Island showed us extreme and diverse beauty – long sandy beaches, lavishing forests, hilly countryside covered with heather, pastures with sheep. A true paradise for nature lovers.

Things to do in Texel

Sheep pastures (Things to do in Texel)

Things to do in Texel

Wild nature (Things to do in Texel)

  • Cycling paths

We were traveling around the Texel Island by car, but the island is perfect for cycling. It has lots of cycling paths, where cars have no access and in general, the island has little traffic. It seems most of its visitors come to the Texel Island by car with their bikes and explore it on two wheels.

  • Kite-surfing

The Texel Island gets lots of wind, what makes it perfect for kite-surfing too. One of the most popular beaches for kite-surfing is Paal 9. (Coordinates: /

Things to do in Texel

Kitesurfing (Things to do in Texel)

  • Brewery

You might be surprised, but this small Texel Island has their own beer and brewery. The brewery was closed when we wanted to visit it, but it could be nice to do some tasting, so check it out. (Coordinates: /

  • The capital Den Burg

We put a shine on the capital Den Burg. The town is so cute we did not want to leave. The town center offers numerous pubs, cafés and restaurants, with the local feel. It is nice to wander around, visiting shops, selling traditional island products, which based on sheep. Just note that if you’ll be visiting the town by car, the parking does not come cheap – it costs 4,70€/2 hours. (Coordinates: /

Things to do in Texel

Stands with typical Hollands snacks (Things to do in Texel)

  • Picturesque lighthouse

One of our favorite sights on the Texel Island was its red lighthouse. It literally looks like being from a cartoon movie – absolutely gorgeous, so don’t even think of skipping it when visiting the Texel Island. (Coordinates: /

Things to do in Texel

Gorgeous lighthouse (Things to do in Texel)

  • Perfect for kids

Even though the island gets lots of wind, it is still perfect for kids. There is lots to do, so pack few toys suitable for sandy beaches and you are ready to go. We also loved the fact, that each town has a nice playground. Our favourite playground was in a sailing town of Oudeschild (Coordinates for free parking: / Dads will love the playground also for the BBQ place, when mums will be happy about the complimentary toilet in the building nearby, which kids can use. Also the town itself is cute just to wander around – lots of cafés and shops. There’s even a small windmill museum.

Things to do in Texel

Kids play grounds and BBQ place for dads (Things to do in Texel)

If your kids like animals, you might want to take them to a pony ride park. It looked like a very popular place among families. (Coordinates: /

Practical travel tips for the Texel Island

Ferry to the island

You can reach the Texel Island from Den Helder town by a 30 minutes ferry ride. (Coordinates: / The return trip by ferry for a car and two adults was 37€. If you have few hours to spend, we would highly recommend you to stop at the maritime museum in Den Helder.

Things to do in Texel

Ferry to the island (Things to do in Texel)


The Texel Island is very popular among local tourists as a summer destination, so there’s plenty of hotels and camping sites. But be aware, that during high season (July and August) campsites might be full, so booking in advance is advisable. We did not have any bookings, but after few full camping places, we finally found one. We settled in a small family run camping place called De Hoek, only few minutes’ drive from the famous red lighthouse. The camping cost us 20,40€ for a car and 2 people. (Camping coordinates: / If camping is not your thing, check out hotels here.

Things to do in Texel

Long sandy beaches (TThings to do in Texel)

Shopping for groceries

The best option for grocery shopping is Lidl grocery shop. The prices are good and it is well stocked. (Coordinates: /

Typical souvenirs

You will see many sheep pastures here, so you will not miss if buying a sheep connected souvenir. I liked many things, but because I needed to look at our budget, we went for warm winter socks at the end.

Things to do in Texel

Souvenir shops (Things to do in Texel)

Things to do in Texel

We are still sad that this cute little sheep rocking chair did not go home with us for our little pumpkin (Things to do in Texel)

Best time for a visit

Holland might not be known for the best weather, as it can change from sun to rain in few minutes, so the best time to visit the Texel Island would be summer. But being surrounded by this diverse nature, it must be beautiful also during spring and autumn – especially if you’re lucky with the weather.

We were so amazed over the things to do in texel that I am sure we will return to the island and just take in all the amazing nature, friendly people and fascinating countryside.