New York City or Greece?

Some people plan their lives and their holidays well in advance, but due to travel blogging, we keep getting our plans changed…sometimes just few weeks before realizing them.

If we were first planning to spend 3 weeks in Greece for the summer, everything changed after getting an interesting invite from Air France – flying with them to North America. For many there is a simple answer, but honestly, we did actually need few days to decide if we are even willing to change typical family summer break to a bit different holidays.

But at the end – getting an invite, we sure did not want to skip it, so NYC is on! After all, we have not been on a long flight, taking us far away from Europe, for way to long. In fact, this will actually be Ren’s first flight, as for now we just did overland travels with him.

We are departing to the Big Apple in just few more days and I am a bit nervous – not because of the NYC itself or the trip, but rather the fact that I have no clue, how Ren will manage to sit still in my or Simon’s lap during the flight… Oh well, I guess stressing out because of this is pointless, as we just have to wait and see… At least we have a red eye flight, hoping he will get some sleep too.

Spending a family summer break in NYC with a toddler might not sound too appealing to many, but you know what – this is actually one of the reasons we have chosen NYC – to show that every destination can be family friendly if you just let it be.

Dear parents, do you have any tips for us during the flight with our active munchkin and what all we can do in NYC with him? So far we are looking at different parks, Zoo, Aquarium, Botanical garden and museums.

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