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All the amazing things to do in Lindau calls for a visit. When most people cannot imagine their summer holidays without the sea, you can easily get by without it with visiting Lindau, at the Lake Constance. Lake Constance, with its 538 square kilometers, is huge, so there’s plenty of things and places, which will make you occupied for days.

Things to do in Lindau

Lindau is a holiday town at the Lake Conctance (Things to do in Lindau)

Best things to do in Lindau

  • Walking paths

The Lake Constance is a great place for walks, including for everyone visiting the place with a baby stroller. We even found a café on a bike, which served us one of the best coffees we had during the whole Germany roadtrip.

Things to do in Lindau

Cool down in parks (Things to do in Lindau)

  • Biking paths

If you will not be visiting the Lake Constance with your bikes, we definitely recommend you to rent one there. There are numerous beautiful biking paths – one also encircles the whole lake measuring around 260 kilometers, passing all together three countries – Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Things to do in Lindau

Cycle around the Lake Constance (Things to do in Lindau)

  • Lindenhof Park

Everyone who likes to have peace and quiet should spend their time at the Lindenhof Park – beautiful oasis, full of old trees. The park is great for recreation, relaxation and swimming at its beach.

Things to do in Lindau

Be charmed over holidays houses (Things to do in Lindau)

  • Ravensburger Spieleland

Just 20 minutes’ drive by car from Lindau, is a theme park for kids – Ravensburger Spieleland. If you are traveling to Lake Constance with kids, they will sure enjoy a visit to the Ravensburger Spieleland as a day trip from Lake Constance.

Things to do in Lindau

Take your kids to a near by Ravensburger Spieleland (Things to do in Lindau)

  • Lindau Island

The Lindau Island is small, but we easily spent one complete day there. Walking around its narrow cobbled streets, admiring it historical buildings, spending time in a café or two… Don’t be in a hurry, when exploring the Lindau Island.

Things to do in Lindau

Get to know the history (Things to do in Lindau)

Things to do in Lindau

Wander around the old town (Things to do in Lindau)

Things to do in Lindau

Take it easy (Things to do in Lindau)

Things to do in Lindau

Admire the boats (Things to do in Lindau)

  • Exploring different places along the lake

If you are a curious holiday maker, you will have lots to do when spending your time at the Lake Constance. You can embark on a ship and visit towns in Austria and Switzerland, which also lies along the lake Constance.

Things to do in Lindau

Have lunch at panoramic restaurant looking down the Lake Constance (Things to do in Lindau)

  • Swimming

The Lake Constance is known as the German sea, so there are plenty of areas, which are good for swimming.

Things to do in Lindau

Walk along the shore of the Lake Constance, Germany (Things to do in Lindau)

  • Water activities

If you are looking for different water activities than swimming, you can also rent a boat or maybe even do a tour with kayak/canoe. It is definitely nice to see the towns from another perspective.

Things to do in Lindau

Rent a boat at the Lake Constance, Germany (Things to do in Lindau)

Things to do in Lindau

Get on the water (Things to do in Lindau)

The Lake Constance is also full of sailing boats and if there is good wind, also wind-surfers will not be missing.

Things to do in Lindau

Sail on the Lake Constance, Germany (Things to do in Lindau)

  • Views over the Lake Constance

Nothing can bit a view down the huge Lake Constance. Take a boat ride to Bregenz in Austria from Lindau and go up to the Pfänder hill with the cable-car.

Things to do in Lindau

Take the cable car ride at Lake Constance, Germany (Things to do in Lindau)

You can also reach the Pfänder by car or if you enjoy hiking / cycling and are in good shape, a hike up to 1064 meters above the sea level will for sure be a nice adventure as well. There are lots of farms, who serves food and beverages – go for the home-made cheeses.

Another amazing and unforgettable, but unfortunately also a bit pricy option to enjoy amazing views down the lake Constance, is a ride with the modern Zeppelin. There are different routes available, which last from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Things to do in Lindau

Enjoy the views on the Lake Constance, Germany (Things to do in Lindau)

  • Hiking

As already mentioned, the surroundings of the Lake Constance offers lots of hiking trails. One of the nicest areas for hiking is around the Scheidegg town.

  • Sky Walk Allgäu

Not far from the Scheidegg town lies the Sky Walk Allgäu. This amazing experience will take you 40 meters above the ground, offering you great views over tree tops. The Sky Walk Allgäu is a great stop for kids too, as the area has many activities and play-ground for children.

Theme parks in Bavaria

Sky Walk Allgäu (Theme parks, Germany)

Theme parks in Bavaria

Sky Walk Allgäu (Theme parks, Germany)

  • Affenberg Salem

You will find a monkey hill about an hour away from Lindau. The Affenberg Salem is a wonderful park with monkeys, walking freely around you. It is so much fun to see them how they play, eat, groom. The park is perfect as a family park, but even though you are staying at the Bodensee without kids and you like animals, I am sure the park will not disappoint you.

Before the entrance it is also a big Biergarten, where you can grab something to eat and drink or you can just relax, when kids are playing in a very nice playground just steps away.

If you will visit Affenberg Salem in warmer months, you will get another surprise. There are full of storks nesting, what for sure is a great looking sight.

  • Immenstaad Abenteuer Park

If you enjoy some adrenaline, you will also find adventure park in a small town Immenstaad – 35 kilometres from Lindau. We stooped there for few hours with our 5 year old son and he loved every second of it. Get up the tree tops and let the adrenaline rush your veins.

Accommodations in Lindau

To really enjoy all the amazing things to do in Lindau, it is best to stay close to them. We stayed at the beautiful boutique hostel Das Mietwerk. Set in an old, but renovated villa, 20 minutes by foot from the Lindau Island and steps away from the bus station. If traveling to Lindau by car, you can park your car at the nearby parking place for 5 EUR/day.

Things to do in Lindau

Das Mietwerk Hostel – Lindau, Lake Constance, Germany

We also had breakfast at the hostel, which is completely made out of local and BIO ingredients. It was very tasty and diverse. The staff at the hostel was also very kind and helpful. You will also get a confirmation from them about your stay, with which you can use the public transportation for free.

You can get more reviews, photos and information about the Das Mietwerk hostel here.

Food in Lindau

Lindau Island is a very popular place for tourists and that is also why it is a bit difficult to find cheap bites. But nevertheless, if you are traveling on a budget, there are lots of different grocery shops / bakeries to grab a quick snack.

A great budget option for lunch can also be found in a Lindaupark shopping mall. The top floor offers good Vietnamese restaurant, where mains starts from 5€ up. There’s also a nice self-service restaurant, which offers more local German dishes – the daily menus start from 9,20 EUR up.

Things to do in Lindau

Things to do in Lindau

Like all summer destinations, also the Lake Constance offers lots of different reasons, why spending your summer break there will not leave you disappointed. So next time, when you are looking for a nice place for a summer break, think of the Lake Constance and the many beautiful things to do in Lindau.