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Stuttgart Christmas market is one of the oldest in Germany and with that also one of the most beautiful. No surprise if you know the fact that Christmas markets originate from Germany.

The amazing Stuttgart Christmas market

If I am mostly charmed over the little and less known Christmas markets accross Europe, I must admit, that Stuttgart Christmas market was such a big surprise that I can easily put it among my TOP 3 Christmas markets I have visited by now. Before visiting Stuttgart Christmas market, I did not really know what to expect, but the traditional stands, which are many, worked perfect for me.

Why you should visit the Christmas market in Stuttgart?

I can easily be impressed over Christmas markets. I like the lights, the vibes and I find myself being a little child surrounded by them. But Stuttgart market was not just about the lights. In fact, if I normally notice the products being sold on the stands, I was overwhelmed by their roofs. The stands have roofs so well decorated, that I could not help myself staring at them all the time.

Stuttgart Christmas market can easily be found, as you cannot just ignore the vast Neuen Schloss market, set right in the old city center. The market is mostly known for its 18th Century baroque palace, which was the last city palace build in South of Germany.

During Stuttgart Christmas market the Neuen Schloss square offers a quick overview of Stuttgart sights, with lighted models of the most famous tourist attractions and things to do in this German city. But I guess the most iconic light decoration is the red Porsche car. After all, the Porsche production can be found just 10 minutes’ drive by train from the Neuen Schloss square.

You can already find some stands at the Neuen Schloss, but it is more of a place for families and kids, offering steam train rides, ice-skating and carousel. But the majority of stands can be found between different squares in the old town (Konigsbau, Karlsplatz, Schillerplatz, Alten Schloss, Marktplatz).

You can even find a unique Christmas market in Stuttgart, thinking you ended up in some Finnish town for a Christmas market.

Stuttgart Christmas market offers full of food and drinks – mostly traditional ones, including the mulled wine, sausages, sauerkraut and also grilled fish on wooden sticks. There’s even plenty of sweets to choose from.

If you are keen on traditional Christmas markets, you should definitely put Stuttgart Christmas market on your travel bucket list. I enjoyed it so much, I know I will come back for more.

Some practical travel tips for seeing the Christmas lights in Stuttgart

The best way to reach Stuttgart is by train, as you can easily avoid parking space with that option. But if you will be arriving by car, I would recommend you to find a hotel on the outskirts of the city.

I stayed in the new B&B Hotel, just steps away from Porsche museum and the S6 train station, which will take you directly to the Stuttgart main train station in 10 minutes. Stopping at the main train station, you have only about 5 minutes’ walk to the Neuen Schloss, where the first Christmas stands can be found. You can find more information about the B&B hotel here.

If you will be staying in Stuttgart for more than a day, I would definitely recommend you to visit the Porsche museum and also make a half-day trip to the nearby town Esslingen am Neckar, which has also a nice little Christmas market. You can read more about Esslingen am Neckar here.

Stuttgart Christmas market starts 27th November to 23td December 2019.