student travels, traveling during studies, traveling when having full time job

We all come to a certain point in life, where we have to face the fact, our student life is over and that we should get a job. Some do this sooner than others but eventually we hardly can avoid it.

When we are students we do have more time to travel. It is much easier to pack our bags and go. We can take a month, two, three or even a year off from school and travel the world. Of course this decisions are not for everyone, but if you enjoy traveling and if travels are a big part of your life, that is much easier to do as a student and before having an 9-5 job.

I still remember myself when holding a diploma in my hands and was wondering what will happen with my travels, when I get a full time job? It got me the creeps and the fact, having only 20 days off, did not help at all. Will I ever be able to travel again?

After 9 years of working full time (not blogging), I can say YES! Yes, you can still travel, you can enjoy life, you can meet new cultures, try exotic food and getting lost in the jungle! If you really want to travel, you will not stop doing it! I guarantee you!

Five biggest differences in travel, when stop being a student and having a full-time job:

1. Travels get more expensive

Ok, it does not need to be that way, but sometimes there is just no other way. Having a full-time job means you are less flexible and you cannot just leave whenever you feel like it. You now have responsibilities that need to be done on exact dates, projects with a due line and your co-workers, who also want to have holidays. These reasons will normally bring you to an end result, where you will buy a more expensive flight ticket (due to your inflexibility with dates), you will also try to fly to your final destination with little or none change of planes, as sparing each hour in 2 weeks time means a lot, you will take more domestic flights or you will even rent your own vehicle, instead driving with slower local transportation. Last but not least, you might want to have a nicer room for additional cost – after all, that will be your only holiday and you would like to relax too.

2. Seeing more and be in a hurry, or seeing less and more intense

This is a never ending story! What to do, what to see, what to skip… Having only a week or maybe two weeks off (three is already winning a lottery) is stressful for your travel plans and wishes, but sometimes less is more. Listen to yourself and don’t be affected with others, telling you what to do… Remember, your friend might not have the same interests as you do.

3. Organization is the key

When you have all the time in the world, you don’t really think much about organization. I bet you sometimes even did not know much about the country you were traveling to and each new day meant an adventure you did not plan. Honestly told, that is fun and great if you don’t have a very tight time to travel, but when you only have a week or two, good organization is a must thing to do, before leaving home. You really don’t want to loose unnecessary time planning as you would rather enjoy everything the country is offering. Due to that, we also do booking of some accommodations in advance – a thing we have never done before.

4. You are an expert with all public holidays

It might sound funny, but we study New Year calendar as soon as we get it. Knowing when the public holidays are can make your travels longer for few days with no bigger effort at all. 

5. Day dreaming

Our biggest night mare – there are so many places we want to see, but so little time…  But dreaming about quitting our jobs, when we have enough savings and when our mortgage will be paid off became our daily mantra…

Oh well, but having a full-time job is not just black and white… If you find a solid job and an understanding boss, who likes to travel too, everything is so much easier. And on the other side, a steady money and paid leave might also mean you can afford to travel much easier, what is not as bad you first though, right?