Leskovac Serbia, Food in Serbia, traditional Serbian food

Our roadtrip from Slovenia to Greece started with lots of traffic jams. We needed 15 long hours for driving 900 kilometers. Choosing the first weekend in August to travel through Croatia and Serbia was not a very wise decision.

Lots of Serbians, Bulgarian’s and Turks work abroad (Italy and Germany) and do travel back home the first week in August, when Italian and south German companies starts their summer holidays.

We knew how cool is to have a bed in our car, but I think we became really grateful for it on this roadtrip. You just cannot imagine how sweet is to wait in a traffic jam, which is long more than 10 kilometers and you are able to take a little nap. Having a bed in the car is pure luxury!

Our plan was to drive from Slovenia to Leskovac in Serbia. What should be an eight hour long journey, just got twice as long to due to the traffic. A real nightmare, but you cannot do much about it anyway.

We were planning to stop at Niš – Serbian town for some sightseeing, but when we reached it, it was already dark. We might stop here on our way back.

Due to our hotel room booking, we still needed to reach Leskovac. Instead of having a late lunch there, we almost missed our dinner too. If you ever travel through Serbia, make sure to stop at Leskovac.

Leskovac Serbia, Food in Serbia, traditional Serbian food

Čevapčiči, uštipci and dunjevača (Traditional Serbian food)

The town of Leskovac is best known for its traditional grilled food. If you are into meat, you will especially love the fact, that most food is based on it. Majority of grilled meat is minced meat. For the rest of us, which rather eat veggies, don’t give up to fast. Serbian cuisine is also known for great salads. Go for grilled paprika with garlic and vinegar. My favorite! Yummy!

After spending 15 hours on the road, we could not wait to eat some of their specialties. The food is not only delicious, but also super cheap! Do we even need to say more?

Leskovac Serbia, Food in Serbia, traditional Serbian food

Delicious and traditional Serbian food in Leskovac made us want for more

Hotel in Leskovac

If you are traveling to Leskovac by your own car, we recommend you to stay at hotel Groš. It is not a luxury place, but it is cheap and still clean. It has a free parking and free WI-FI. The location for eating in a traditional restaurant is top notch. Just steps away is a traditional Serbian restaurant, serving the best food in Leskovac. It is also in a vicinity of the city center, which you can reach by foot as well. More about the hotel Groš here.

Leskovac Serbia, Food in Serbia, traditional Serbian food

Modest but clean room (Hotel Groš – Leskovac, Serbia)

Price: 25 EUR/ double room with breakfast

Traditional Serbian restaurant Groš

If you are in Leskovac you must stop at this traditional Serbian restaurant. The restaurant Groš is just steps away and part of the hotel Groš.

The whole ambient is made in a typical Serbian traditional design, so you will immediately feel the right energy and vibe. Most of the guests are Serbs, who come here to celebrate birthdays, weddings or just for hanging with friends and family. You will easily make friends here with the locals!
Leskovac and the restaurant Groš is most famous for grilled meat, but they do have other Serbian dishes available too. The food is not only good, but also very affordable. The bill at the end will definitely make you happy.

Leskovac Serbia, Food in Serbia, traditional Serbian food

Traditional design for traditional Serbian restaurant (Restaurant Groš, Leskovac)

Our recommendation for two:

*Čevapčiči with kajmak (minced meat shaped like sticks with traditional creamy cheese): 350 RSD (2,92 EUR)
*Ustipak (a large meat ball with cheese and onions): 110 RSD (0,92 EUR)
Grilled paprika salad with garlic and vinegar: 30 RSD for three pieces (0,25 EUR)
Sauerkraut salad: 40 RSD (0,33 EUR)
Šopska salad (cucumber, tomato, onion, paprika and feta like cheese): 150 RSD (0,7g EUR)
Dunjevača – Melon rakija (similar to vodka): 90 RSD for 0,05 (0,75 EUR)
Draft local beer 0,5l: 140 RSD (1,17 EUR)

* All grilled meat goes great with traditionally made baked beans called prebranac. Some also name this dish tavče gravče. Delicious!

Toll on the highway

Traveling overland through Croatia and Serbia on highways is not for free.
Croatia: 122 KUN (17 EUR)
Serbia: 1170 RSD (9,83 EUR)

The best way to pay the toll is with local currency or credit card (Mastercard, Maestro or Visa). They also accept Euros, but they don’t take the best exchange rate, so it will cost you more.