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We are all dealing with different challenges… Some come into our lives randomly, when others are planned in advance. Not knowing if the desicion we are making is the right one, everything becomes harder. That is why not many people are willing to say no to ordinary life and jump out of their comfort zones. But if your heart has been telling you for years, what you should be doing in life, it is about time to start listening to it…

This year will for sure be one of the toughest and hoping also the most rewarding years in our lives, as we have decided to stop only having dreams and start living them. Before my maternity leave is finished, we have decided to pack our bags and go. The only obstacle was Simon and his full time job, so he decided to quit it. Working somewhere for 16 long years was not easy, but these kind of decissions never are.

We got lots of questions from our family and friends if we are mad, even more as we have one more mouth to feed now. Having a baby boy, might complicate things, but if you ask us, the only thing to him that matters is being with us, surrounded with love and attention.

But let me ask you…when would be the right time to quit the job and go? I guess never… The right time is when you know you are ready. We have been yearning for adventures for way too long. We feel that this is the right time and the best moment to try, if long-term traveling is even for us. We might end everything up sooner we intended, figuring out, this is just not our cup of tea… but if we don’t try, we will be wondering about it until we are old and grey, what is definitely something we don’t want to do.

We want no regrets in our lives, even though this means to say no to many other things – mostly because of the budget. But after all, sometimes less is more and even though the money makes the world go around… we can also live with less.

Well, we admit, we do have a lump in our throats… after all, we are saying no to stability and to the life which we know. But we are fed up with questions like “What if…”

We are starting a new period in our lives from this August on… for many a risky one, but hopefully also more exciting, beautiful and unforgettable. We also cannot wait to have more time for our baby boy Ren. Full time jobs these days are mildly said family unfriendly and when looking back, we want to be part of Ren’s life as much as we can… For cuddling, for memories, for just being foolish and being there for him.

Maybe our decision will eventually show us it was a mistake, but maybe we will just get the proof that the best things in life happens when you have the balls to do them and to follow your dreams.

Where exactly we are going, we will reveal on the blog soon, but before starting our overland travel by 4WD, we are going to explore Germany for a week, where we’ll be concentrating on theme parks, lakes and nature – should be a nice intro into our next big thing.

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