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We have been on the road for 3 days and if we once could already bee drinking tea in Istanbul, we are still transiting Bulgaria. Hopefully we will reach Turkey today. The plan is to stay overnight in a camping spot along the Black Sea coast, north from Istanbul.

Driving is not really though, the time consuming is our travel speed (100km/h on highways) and lots of stops because of Ren – we have to feed him, change diapers and allow him to have time for crawling as well. A stop for him to eat, can easily stretch into one full hour – half of it just for feeding as he is a slow and curious eater – likes to watch and touch everything around him.

We have made 2 overnight stops – one in Serbia (camping Zasavica near Sremska Mitrovica) and the other in camping Vrana in Sofia, Bolgaria. We plan to do wilderness camping as well, but being on the highway and in a »hurry«, camping along the way is the easiest.

Mornings have been chilly and it looks the summer is over. Today we only had 8°C, what makes me think, we will be freezing in central Turkey and in the mountains in Georgia. I guess, we’ll need some time for shopping and get ourselves some additional warm clothes. The ones packed, are few.

Nevertheless, we have managed to drive our first 1000 kilometers. We don’t really do anything else, so cannot wait to reach Turkey, where our exploration will finally begin.