Serbia travel, hiking

We have been planning our travel to Serbia ever since I remember and I have absolutely no idea, why Serbia is still on our travel bucket list.

We have done several transits over Serbia and were always charmed over the whole experience, even though a short one. I believe it is finally time to start planning our Serbia adventure.

There are many reasons why we are attracted to Serbia and that is not just about its amazing food and hospitality. We would love to explore more about its countryside, diverse landscape, enjoy the views, hike to some mountain peaks and spoil ourselves surrounded with untouched nature.

There are so many destinations in the world that offer a breathtaking view, so why not put the ones that are at our fingertips at top of our wish list…

From all the natural beauties of Serbia where you will be able to combine a good and healthy vacation with beautiful views and opportunities for perfect photos, we have selected six breathtaking lookouts.

All of them provide a great opportunity to hike through untouched nature. Reaching some of them also requires a little more effort (which is an added invitation to more experienced and active travelers), but the view from above, through the clouds, into the valleys, meanders of the rivers and wide green expanses is invaluable!

Six best lookouts in Serbia

Banjska stijena – Tara National Park

Two marked hiking trails and a macadam road lead to one of the most famous and beautiful lookouts in Serbia. A pleasant walk along the forest path will take you to the glade and lookout, which is located at 1065 meters above sea level, and from where you can see unforgettable view of Lake Perućac, the canyon of the Drina river and the Osat area in Bosnia.

Serbia travel, hiking

Banjska Stena, Serbia (Photo: Djorde Petrović)

Molitva – Uvac

A hiking trail to a lookout with a wooden platform leads through rugged landscapes of unreal beauty. From the lookout point, there is a view of the Uvac Special Nature Reserve and the beautiful lake Uvačko jezero with its well-known meanders. The very top of Molitva is at 1247 meters above sea level. The rocks of the Uvac river canyon are a natural habitat for griffon vultures, so the flight of this rare and protected bird will complete your already stunning view.

Kablar – Ovčarsko – Kablarska gorge

To the top of the mountain Kablar leads 5 mountain trails, shorter and heavier passes through cliffs, and longer leads to the gentler side edges of the mountain. The Kablar lookout will leave a special impression because it shows the meanders of the West Morava that meanders between the vertical mountains, but also the outlines of the surrounding mountains in the distance and the town of Čačak.

Serbia travel, hiking

Kablarska gorge, Serbia (Photo: Sasa Preradović))

Kozji kamen – Stara Planina

Kozji kamen is a lookout point in southeastern Serbia, one of the peaks of Vidlič mountain, and is located at 1181 meters above sea level. It is located just above Zavojsko Lake from where the view extends to the entire lake, as well as the meanders of the river Visočica at the point where it flows into the lake. In the distance above the lake you can see the peaks Babin zub and Midžor – the highest peak of Stara Planina.

Serbia travel, hiking

Stara Planina, Serbia (Photo: Lazar Kostić)

Ploce – Djerdap National Park

About 3.5 kilometers long footpath leads to Ploče, which is a limestone plain above the Mali Kazan canyon. From the lookout point at an altitude of 355 meters there is a unique view of the Danube and the Kazan whirlpools – probably the most beautiful view of the Danube in its entire course! In addition to the main lookout, you can walk along the forest path to two other lookouts, from which the Danube can be seen from a slightly lower height.

Serbia travel, hiking

Djerdap national park, Serbia (Photo: Oksana Skendzić)

Šiljak – the top of Rtnje

Rtanj is a mountain located in eastern Serbia, rising from the plain and ending in an almost completely regular limestone pyramid. The highest point of Rtanj is the peak Šiljak at 1561 meters above sea level. It is possible to reach the top by marked paths from different sides. However, climbing in winter conditions is not recommended for beginners, but only for experienced and well-equipped hikers.

Each of these landscapes is different and special in its own way and will remain in your good memory, whether you watch it at dawn, sunny noon or before sunset!

Serbia travel, hiking

Rtanj, Serbia (Photo: Stefan Kondić)

 For further exploration of more ambitious climbers

If you are looking for a real adventure and excitement provided by extreme sports, we recommend three attractive ferratas (so-called via ferrata “steel road”) in Serbia. Feel the adrenaline at the top of the cliff with maximum safety!

Gornjak – Gornjačka gorge – Petrovac na Mlavi

Ferata Gornjak is located in Petrovac na Mlavi, in the Gornjačka gorge, on the slopes of Mali Vukan. It can be reached in an hour and a half by car from Belgrade. The average ascent time is three hours. Via ferrata Gornjak is difficult and physically demanding, with longer sections. Relax after the climb in the thermal springs of the Ždrelo spa and enjoy the Homolje specialties.

Serbia travel, hiking

Via ferata Gornjak, Serbia

Kablar – Ovčarsko kablarska gorge

This ferrata in Serbia leads to the Turčinovac cave (560 meters above sea level), below the Kablar mountain, which has always attracted curious visitors with its appearance and inaccessibility. The ferrata is 45 meters high, it is winding, and its total length is 60 meters. You will climb to the destination with a secured ladder, with the obligatory additional equipment – rope, helmet and belt, as well as accompanied by trained guides. You can end this tour by kayaking on the West Morava and thus complete an adventurous day in a beautiful gorge.

Berim – Lake Gazivode Zubin Potok

Ferata is located on the Berim rocks on the mountain Mokra Gora. It is 25 km away from Zubin Potok, on the road that goes over the dam “Gazivode” to the school in the village of Kovače, and then on the macadam road to Previja and further to Berim. This is the longest and most difficult ferrata in Serbia, it starts in the camp on a mountain trail and consists of several sections.

Serbia is the perfect country for everyone enjoying European roadtrips to little known places, away from the crowds. If we are lucky enough, we will already travel to Serbia with our 4×4 converted van and I cannot wait for another unforgettable trip away from hustle and bustle, surrounded with nature, good food, amazing views and friendly locals.

Your adrenaline adventure in Serbia is waiting for you too!

The blog post was written in collaboration with National Tourism Organization of Serbia.

*Author of the opening photo is Miloš Milenković