self-organized traveling, traveling with a guided group

Sometimes we do wonder, how forums are full of harsh discussions, what kind of traveling is best and the right one. Sometimes, when people ask about going traveling with a travel agency, they got full of negative comments about being weird. We admit, traveling with a guide was never our cup of tea, but that does not mean it is wrong.

Some are athletes, some vegetarians, others are Buddhists, some like TV, some reading a good book and it is no difference with traveling… Some prefer self-organized traveling, when others don’t come even close. Having different interests from ours, does not sound bad to us.

You have advantages and disadvantages with both options, so the only decision maker is yourself. You have to know yourself to know, what travel style suits you best.

Traveling with a guided group

Advantages for traveling with a guided group might for some actually be disadvantages, but the fact is, that organized traveling is less stressful. You don’t need to worry about what to do, what to see, where to eat, where to sleep, as all these is already being organized by others. You can completely unwind during traveling, as you have your guide to worry instead of you. If something goes wrong, you can just turn on your travel guide. If you are traveling with a good travel agency, you will come home richer, as your travel guide will be full of knowledge about the visited country. This complete service is of course not for free and that is why, majority of organized travels, are more expensive than self-organized ones. And if you can afford them and enjoy them, we really don’t see any problem in deciding for them.

Self-organized travels

Well, it is no secret that we LOVE self-organized travels and the best possible feature to expose it, is freedom. Nothing can bit your own schedule before and during traveling. Even though we do make a rough plan before leaving home, we can adjust it during exploration according to expectations, surprises and interests. You can adjust your travel style as you want – from low budget to luxurious.

A really great thing about self-organized travels is also the freedom with dates of departure and arrival – you can pack your bags and go whenever suits you the most. But be aware that self-organized traveling are not holidays – you will have to use your brains all the time – with planning, finding the way from one location to another, talking to locals, bargaining for the price… But if you enjoy having your own freedom and schedule, this is just another bonus of self-organized traveling.

It does not really matter what kind of travel you choose – self-organized or joining a guided group, you are the only one who knows, what suits you best. If you are not keen on organizing everything by yourself then don’t. Yes, you might be hearing some »smart« comments about your decision, but the only goal you need to have when traveling is to come back home full with unforgettable memories and the filling, you want more soon – if that is with a travel agency then be it. It is your money, your life and your decision, so make the best out of it.