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Hi everyone! The days when Simon and I will be traveling to Australia are just around the corner and let us introduce you to Australian blogger, who will take over our blog and country. As you know, our travel blog Nina Travels was picked among 633 travel blogs as one of the TOP 16 bloggers in the world in the international competition Big Blog Exchange. Our exchange is Jono, an Australian traveler, who will come to Slovenia and explore it for 10 days. During his travel, he will be writing blog posts here, on our blog Nina travels, and we will be taking over his blog See something, when exploring his country, Australia. But first, let him to introduce himself;
Hey my name is Jono! Very soon I’m going to be travelling to Nina’s home country of Slovenia. I was there five years ago, but travelling as a poor backpacker. A very kind lady gave me an apple for lunch, so I’ve got fond memories of the place. Alright, maybe I wasn’t that poor, but it’s certainly one of the places in the world that I’ve always wanted to go back to, and this time, I’m going to be sharing it all with you!
see something, travelblog, Australia travel, Slovenia travel, Jono Cuscak

Meet Jono Cusack from See Something travel blog

I began travelling over ten years ago now and have lived across the world, from Russia to Argentina. These days I write for See Something and you’ll be able to catch all of Nina’s awesome adventures from Australia right there! I started See Something as a stage to tell stories. The heroes, heroines and bravado of our journey into the unknown. The real comedies and tragedies we share at a bar with our friends, at a dinner with our closest and dearest, or even the ones we keep in our hearts. It’s not a place to advise a trip, it’s not a guide to show us the planet. It’s of our passion and struggle to search for what’s out there.
We are incredibly lucky to be involved with the Big Blog Exchange, but better than that, you get to come along from the ride. I’ll be daring Nina to do a few things whilst she’s in Australia, so hopefully she is prepared for the ride of her life!
Talk to you guys soon!
Author bio:
From Buenos Aires, to Milan, to Moscow, I’ve lived across the world for the past decade. At the beginning of 2014 I started again and began the first of five long haul trips around the world, the Pan-American Highway. Along the way I will seek the stories of those incredible people whose tales remain unknown. Follow along at See Something and his Facebook page