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A quick Sardinia travel guide to help you with planning unforgettable Italian adventure. 

Travel guide for Sardinia

How to reach Sardinia?

You can travel to Sardinia overland and catch a ferry. Most people travel to Italian port Livorno and embark on one of many ferry lines there – Moby Lines, Grimaldi Lines, Corsica Ferries, which will take you to Olbia. If you ask us, we would recommend you the night ferry, so you are waking up fresh and rested in Sardinia early in the morning. The normal time to reach Sardinia / Olbia from Livorno is around 9 hours by a night ferry, but if the weather is bad, prepare yourself not to be on time – we had a 3 hours delay.

You can also reach Sardinia by plane – most planes land at Cagliari or Alghero. Check out some low cost airlines like Ryanair for cheap plane tickets.

Traveling around

The best way to explore Sardinia is by car – rented or your own. If we cannot travel by our own car, we are always renting one at Economy Car Rentals – they offer good prices and we have not had any problems with them yet.

Gas stations are all around the island and the roads are good as well. There are also no tolls in Sardinia.


Sardinia is extremely popular as a tourist destination during the summer, so there are plenty accommodations to choose from – hotels, apartments, camping grounds. Check out to find what suits you the most.

Sardinia is not too big or not too small, but we would still recommend you to book at least two different accommodations while there – one at the north side of the island (Alghero) and one in the south (Cagliari) – just to make the best of your time and not needed to return too far away from your day trips.

Food in Sardinia

While traveling around Sardinia, you won’t stay hungry. If you are keen on pasta and sea-food you came to the right place. But there’s plenty of other delicious food too – just to name a few: pizza, gelato, goat and sheep cheese etc.
If you decide to cook by yourself, there are lots of grocery shops as well. Looking for some local products as cheese and olive oils, you won’t even need to look for them, as the local farmers will find you while sunbathing on the beach. We paid 25€/kilo for a sheep cheese and 8€/liter for the cold pressed olive oil.

Sardinia tourist attractions

Sardinia might be famous for its beaches, but these should not be the only reason for visiting. We were charmed over nature, landscape and history as well… Read more about our best Sardinia tourist attractions here.

Communication language

Well, like all around Italy, speaking Italian is definitely a big advantage, as most people don’t really speak English. But nevertheless, that should not stop you from traveling and exploring this beautiful Italian island.

Best time for traveling

Sardinia’s peak season is July and August, when the beaches are crowded and the prices go up as well. We are not really thrilled on traveling during high season, so we visited Sardinia end of April/beginning of May. The island was green in full bloom and empty, but still sunny and warm enough to be wearing shorts and t-shirts. Perfect for wandering around.

Another great month for traveling to Sardinia is also September, when the crowds are long gone, but the sea is still warm enough for swimming.

This Sardinia travel guide was written after our overland trip, but no matter when you choose or how you choose to visit Sardinia, you will not be disappointed. It offers everything you are looking for – from top notch tourist resorts to wilderness nature and secluded places, which you will have all to yourself.