Royal Robbins, travel clothing, outdoor clothing

Royal Robbins clothing brand was unknown to me just few months ago, but getting their invite for a meeting, I was curious about their statements, that their clothes are perfect for traveling and outdoors.

Royal Robbins clothes review

What / who is Royal Robbins?

Royal Robbins is not just a clothing trademark, it is a real person. In the sixties Royal Robbins, and his wife Liz, were climbing icons in the Sierra Nevada rocks. They were known as »clean climbers« with a firm philosophy to leave as little footprints in the rocks as possible. This way they showed respect to the natural world and sending out the message, that a road/ climb is much more important than the destination / peak itself. Royal Robbins was one of the best climbers in the world and because of his love of nature, he and his wife started with their own clothing line, through which they would express their love of nature.

What philosophy stands behind the Royal Robbins clothing?

The philosophy of the Royal Robbins clothing is very close to my own. I was never really a person interested in a fashion industry. I love to dress in the morning and use the clothes during the whole day no matter what I do. And that is exactly what Royal Robbins clothing stands for – get up, dress and do whatever you need – go to work, meet a friend for dinner, go on a plane or even do a short hike.

Royal Robbins clothing are very comfortable, dry fast and don’t crumple when they are packed. And what is important as well – they look good and are widely usable, no matter what your day brings your way.

The company always looks for best production processes and materials which leave little impact on nature. That is exactly why their clothing have classical look, which never goes out of fashion and can be used years after purchase without feeling old-fashioned.

Unique features of Royal Robbins clothing, which really leave a mark

Royal Robbins clothing brought my attention because of its philosophy and also because of their unique characteristics, for which the clothes can be used for all kinds of occasions. But if I need to choose three best collections, I would go for these:

Spotless Traveler collection

If you travel light, you for sure know how irritating is when your clothes get dirty – what happens even more often if you travel with little kids. I was immediately interested in the spotless collection, where you can easily clean the spots with water. The material dries so well you can wear the clothing when wet and it will just dry on you. I have at home their spotless traveler dress and love it – it is perfect as a beach dress too. The dress has inner pockets, which are hardly visible. The pocket with additional elastic net holder is great for a cell phone – even if you are jumping around like crazy, you can be sure the cell phone will not fall out. A really great feature if you are not keen on having your backpack or a bag with you all times and all you need is some cash/bank card and a cell phone.

Bug Barrier collection

Bug barrier collection is another great collection for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, who want to explore the nature without worrying about bug bites. The clothing from Bug barrier collection are smeared with a special substance, which protects you from all kinds of bugs, mosquitos, ticks. The bug barrier lasts for around 70 washings, but you can send it back to Royal Robbins and they can re-smear it, so it is as good as new. The clothes from Bug barrier collection are perfect for destinations with malaria, zika, dengue fever. So far I have tested their Bug Barrier Tech Travel long sleeve shirt and still not sure if I was just lucky or the shirt really works. I will need to do some more tests to a bit more exotic destinations – hopefully this happens soon.

Royal Robbins clothing

One of my favourite pieces – bug barrier shirt and trousers from recycled plastic bottles (Royal Robbins clothing)

Recycled Polyester collection

Why would not use the plastic bottles and make them in something wearable? I am in love with the Royal Robbins Jammer Knit Pants, which are made from old and recyclable PET bottles. They are extremely comfortable, but at the same time the design is very smart and looks like wearing jeans leggings. I can easily use them at home, in the office, when camping or hiking.

Apart from these three must have collections on all your adventures, Royal Robbins clothing include clothes with UV protection, organic cotton and hemp too.

Why I said yes to Royal Robbins clothing and our collaboration?

For many, I have a very strange taste when it comes to clothing. My main focus, when choosing clothes, is that they are practical and rational. Luckily for me, my office work does not demand any clothing protocol, so I can come to work every day like being a casual Friday. Royal Robbins clothing are like casual Friday – easy going, comfortable and because of their material widely usable. It might sounds funny, but I really think I have finally found my favorite clothing brand. I am wearing it almost all the time for the last month, no matter where I am and what I am doing – from adventurous overland travel with our 4WD to a dinner with friends in the city.

I must say that I am very happy that I had the chance to test the Royal Robbins clothing. Even though this was done as a collaboration, I can easily say that they have just got a big new fan.