Romania travel guide, travel guide Romania

If you are planning to travel to Romania and not really sure where to start, read some of the most commonly asked questions and basic tips, which we gathered during our Romania travel.

Romania travel guide

  • How to reach Romania

Everything depends of the location you are based in, but all the major airlines do fly into Bucharest – Romanian capital. If you are already in Europe and want to make your travel a little bit more adventurous, take a bus or a train… maybe even do a roadtrip to Romania.
If you’ll be traveling to Romania by your car, note you need to purchase a vignette for using Romanian roads. To make your life easier, just buy it on-line.

  • Public transport in Romania

You can reach all major towns and tourist attractions in Romania by public transport – either bus or train. But be aware Romania is known for its nature – Carpati and beautiful Maramures landscape are easiest to reach having your own transport. To really be undependant and being able to explore rural areas, your best option is renting a car.

  • Accommodation in Romania

Romania has a wide range of accommodation available. There are hotels, camping places and numerous private guest houses. Romanian guest houses are normally good value – the rooms are clean, comfortable and cheap. Some offer breakfast and some even half-board. On our Romania travel we tried all the mentioned accommodation possibilities – we slept in camps, guest houses, hotels and also did some wild camping. You can already get a nice looking room in a family run guesthouse from 10€/night.

Some of our accomodations in Romania:
– Penzion Casa Cristina, Brasov (a relatively new guest house, which can be found in the old city center of Brasov. Even though you are traveling around Romania by your private vehicle, it will not cause you bad mood as it has a free private parking available. They also offer free WI-FI and amazing views over the historical city center.
– Ambience Hotel, Bucharest (Hotel lies about 4 kilometers from the city center of Bucharest and it has a free private parking. The location is perfect if you are traveling by your own vehicle as the old city center can easily be reached by taxi (1,50 EUR/one way) or even by foot in about 20 minutes. The price includes free WI-FI, parking and breakfast).
– Penzion Kristal, Maramures (We could easily say this guest house is in the middle of no-where, but still attracts many guests. The location is perfect if you are planning to take a ride on the Mocanita steam train. The price includes free WI-FI, breakfast and private parking. The rooms are spacious and clean! Coordinates: N47°37.721′ / E024°29.527′)
– Aquarius camping, Sighisoara (This camping place stands only few minutes by foot from the city center of Sighisoara and is PERFECT for exploration. Camping place is relatively small and gets full easily, so it is good to arrive in the morning or early afternoon. Camping is part of the outdoor community pool, so the price includes a free entrance ticket for the pool as well. Coordinates: N46°13.374′ / E024°47.789′)

  • Things to do in Romania

Romania is extremely diverse country and everyone can find something worth visiting here. Numerous castles, medieval towns, museums, nature… The good side of things to do in Romania  is that most of them are very affordable. 

  • Food in Romania

One of the most common food in Romania is polenta (cornmeal boiled into a porridge), but luckily the rest of the food is still pretty diverse and depends on your location. The hilly part of Romania is known for homemade cheeses and salami, there is full of grilled meat and due to the Black Sea and the Danube Delta, there are even good fish available. If you are traveling to Romania during summer months you will love the fact, that the country is full of local grown vegetables and fruit. Go for blueberries – yummy and ridiculously cheap!

  • Safety in Romania

Romania might be known as a dangerous place, but the truth is far from that. Romania is a very safe country and that’s no matter where you are. We have never felt endanger, even though we were walking around Bucharest old town late in the evening.

  • Communication language in Romania

English will be a challenge, but in the most visited areas you will still be able to go by with a fair English. Further from main tourist attractions you go, less English will be spoken. We hope you are good in show and tell. The best language to know is Italian.

  • Women travelers in Romania

Romania is easy and safe to travel for solo women travelers. You will have fun and you will probably get some looks from men in rural areas, but they will not be annoying, but rather curious and friendly.

  • When to go in Romania

It is up to you, when you travel to Romania. If you like snow and skiing, you’ll love Romania in winter time. If you want to sunbath and take a swim in the Black Sea, you will not miss with summer. Spring and autumn are best for exploration and for hiking. Just a note or two – if you’ll be traveling around Romania during summer, don’t forget on a jacket and long trousers – due to high altitude some areas can still be chili. If visiting the Danube Delta, pack a mosquito repellant with you!
NOTE: If you cannot travel to Romania without visiting the world’s famos mountain pass/road Transfagarashan Highway, you should plan your Romania travel after 1st July, when the road re-opens after winter.

Romania travel will amaze everyone who is still looking for a true wilderness and uniqueness. Even though Romania gets more and more visitors each year, you can easily avoid the crowds and find yourself in rural areas, where the most beautiful and true Romania begins.