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We are not sure about you, but we know we are addicted to travel. We came back from Malta a week ago and we are leaving again tomorrow. This time we are traveling to Bratislava, Slovakia by car from Slovenia.

We have not been to Bratislava yet, so we are looking forward for this new adventure a lot. Even though we are traveling to Bratislava on an invite from Bratislava tourism board, we don’t have any itinerary. Three complete days will depend totally on ourselves – exactly as we like it.

We don’t have any special plans, as we will go as we feel. We will explore the old town, visit the castle, enjoy the views from UFO restaurant and taste culinary in Savoy restaurant. Of course we will not miss a visit to a local brewery either.

Even we don’t have a tight schedule, we will not get bored for sure. Sometimes no plan is the best plan. But on the other hand, if you have any suggestions on what to do and see in Bratislava, let us know.