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Did you know that you can find Slovenian Railway Museum in Ljubljana? We wanted to visit it for the past two years, but I guess we needed to wait for a rainy day in Ljubljana to finally end up there.

The Slovenian Railway Museum can be found close to the city center (Parmova 35) and is set in an old rotunda – boiler room, which is now a cultural monument, what gives the whole museum additional added value for sure. Some very nice examples of steam engines can be found there, including with the oldest one, dated 1861.

Opposite the rotunda and steam engines, you can find another building, containing few more rooms, each introducing you with everything that was once important for proper function of the railway network.

You can walk through the station master’s office, which looks exactly like in Austria – Hungary monarchy, see the uniforms throughout different historical periods (Austria – Hungary monarchy, Yugoslavia, independent Slovenia), learn about railway tracks and trolleys, which were once used by line supervisors and maintainers. The Slovenian Railway Museum also shows how communication was set before mobile phones and internet, when you needed telegraphs, telephones and tele-printers to send messages.

We liked the fact that a small train drives around the building of Slovenian Railway Museum, what is eye-catching for kids for sure – it is just a bit sad this is not happening every weekend, but just few times per year. If the Slovenian Railway Museum would be offering the rides more often, I do believe many more people would decide to visit it with their children. Our son enjoyed all the trains so much, we had hard times to convince him to go back home and he did not even experience the train ride.

The Slovenian Railway Museum is a nice option of things to do in Ljubljana – on a rainy day or not and with or without kids. It would be very welcoming if the museum would have provided with some more interactions, especially for curious kids, but nevertheless, we were not sorry to visit it and we will be back for sure.

Slovenian Railway Museum

  • Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday (10 am to 6pm)
  • Entrance fee: 3,50 EUR/adult, 2,50 EUR (school children, students, elderly people). Pre-school children can visit the museum free of charge.