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Things to do in Rab Island are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and active holiday makers. When you look a perfect island to take home wonderful memories, you should definitely consider this beautiful Croatian island too.

I am not sure when I would visit Rab Island in Croatia, if it was not for Simon, my hubby. Rab Island was almost like his second home – when being a child, he was spending there his summers, as some of his relatives live there. Even though I have been to many places, Rab Island still managed to impress me and that is not just because of Simon. Rab Island is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, as there are plenty of things to do.

Things to do in Rab Island and interesting facts

  • Rab Island – the happy island

It is said that Rab Island is an island of happiness, what has probably to do with its 150 perfectly sunny days per year. The year average has only 15 completely cloudy days. Who would not be happy if he would be able to enjoy this great climate, right?

Things to do in Rab Island

Rab island is named as The Happy Island (Things to do in Rab Island)

  • Rab Island came from the word Arba

Historically looking, the Rab Island got its name from the Latin word Arba, meaning »dark«. Funny word, if we just talked about all the sunny days, which Rab Island is getting. The adjective actually refers to dense forest vegetation, covering the whole island. In Kalifront peninsula we can even see wild deer and mouflons runnin around freely.

Things to do in Rab Island

Not only sea food is good on Rab Island (Things to do in Rab Island)

  • Long tourism tradition

Rab Island has a long tradition in tourism. It was declared as a tourist destination and coastal spa already in 1889. Rab Island even got a prestige title, as being the best tourist destination in Adriatic region in 2011.

Things to do in Rab Island

Rab Island is reach in history (Things to do in Rab Island)

  • Healthy climate

Due to the mild and sunny climate, Rab Island is perfect for patients having heart and breathing problems.

Things to do in Rab Island

Rab island has good climate for heart diseases (Things to do in Rab Island)

  • Kamenjak viewing point

With its 408 meters above sea level, Kamenjak is the highest point on the Rab Island. The road, which leads on top, is steep, but the views are amazing! The neighbour islands can be seen as on an open hand and also views on the inland are fascinating due to the Velebit mountain range. One of the most amazing things to do in Rab is enjoying the scenic views from up there.

Things to do in Rab Island

Rab Island highest peak offer splendid views (Things to do in Rab Island)

  • Rab island surface

Due to the bora wind, the northern part of the island (looking towards Velebit) is without a single tree. The area is extremely rocky, as the strong wind does not allow good circumstances for growing. On the other hand, the other side of the Rab Island is covered with intense forests.

Things to do in Rab Island

Due to strong bora winds from inland, northern part of Rab Island is completely rocky (Things to do in Rab Island)

  • Four towers

The capital of Rab Island is a small town Rab. Their symbols are 4 beautiful towers, standing tall over the old houses. The town is also rich with history and we can even walk on its old city walls, see the clock tower, which has the same mechanism ever since 16th century.

Things to do in Rab Island

The symbol of Rab Island – 4 towers (Things to do in Rab Island)

  • Fresh water springs

Even though Rab Island is surrounded by the sea, it has 300 springs of fresh water.

  • Cycling paradise

You will find 157 kilometers (97,55 miles) of cycling paths at Rab Island. Due to mild climate in the spring and autumn, Rab Island is perfect cycling paradise and with that one of the best fun experiences on the island.

Things to do in Rab Island

Rab Island is perfect for cycling (Things to do in Rab Island)

  • Secret corners

Rab Island is small island, but it still manages to have numerous secret corners, which will make your stay memorable. Here are Greek ruins (St. Damjan hill at Barbat town), small islands (Supetarska Draga), sandy beaches (Lopar) and even a Franciscan monastery with an ethnographic museum (Kampor town).

  • See Rab Island from another perspective

Seeing a place from a different perspective is always interesting and Rab Island offers you exactly that. Rent a sea-kayak and start paddling. You will not believe how rich and diverse Rab Island is. There are full of small islands and picturesque bays, where you will find your peace.

Things to do in Rab Island

The most beautiful bays of Rab Island are accesible only from the sea (Things to do in Rab Island)

  • Rab Island cake

You cannot get more traditional than this. Rab Island cake has been baked here for more than 800 years! Try it and be amazed over the rich flavor. The main ingredients are almonds, what makes it a perfect snack when doing some outdoor activity.

How to reach Rab Island Croatia?

To reach Rab Island, you will have to take a ferry from the inland. Head up to Stinica town. The ride takes 18 minutes and the price depends on the season. Take into your account that one way ticket costs about 2,40 EUR (adults) and 1 EUR (children). If you are traveling by car, a one way ticket will costs you somewhere around 12-14 EUR. In 2015 there will be a new ferry route, which will connect Rab Island (Lopar) to Krk Island (Valbiska).

Things to do in Rab Island

The only way to reach Rab Island is by ferry (Things to do in Rab Island)

Best time for visiting Rab Island Croatia

You can hardly go wrong with visiting Rab island, but I guess winter is the least often choice. It can get pretty windy and a bit cold, so plan your visit from spring to autumn. Summer is the peak season, with hot sunny days – perfect for swimming and sunbathing. If you plan to explore Rab Island by bike, sea-kayak or even on foot, your best bet is spring and autumn.
If you like events and tradition, be sure to visit Rab Island for the Fjera of Rab (25th-27th July), when Rab town turns into a medieval town.

Things to do in Rab Island

We loved the fact that Rab Island can all be explored on a bike (Things to do in Rab Island)

Rab Island accommodations

Tourism plays a big roll on the island and that is why you have a wide range of accommodation available. You can spend your nights camping, staying in B&B, apartments and even hotels. Check out accommodations here.

Things to do in Rab Island

The capital of Rab Island is a small town Rab (Things to do in Rab Island)

When traveling around Croatia and you need a break, all the amazing things to do in Rab Island will definitely do the trick. They offer something for every taste. No matter if you just want to relax under the sun, be active or try the local cuisine.