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We have just returned from Bratislava and before going to another travel, let us give us some quick travel tips for everyone who is planning a trip to Bratislava.

Bratislava travel tips

Reaching Bratislava

If you are already in Europe, you can reach Bratislava by bus, plane, train or rented vehicle. If you are in Vienna, make sure to visit Bratislava for a day or two. A nice trip from Vienna to Bratislava is also by boat on the Danube River.

Exploring Bratislava

Bratislava is not a huge capital, so we would suggest you to explore its old town on foot. If you don’t feel like walking, you can use its public transport. You might be interested in the Bratislava City Card, which includes free use of all public transport and also discounts in some restaurants, bars, shops and tourist attractions.

Bratislava tourist attractions

Most of the Bratislava tourist attractions are based in the old town. But if you want to go a little further out of the city, you can either take a bus, taxi or even a boat for some sights. We enjoyed a trip to Devin Castle about 10 kilometers from the city (coordinates: / and Kamzik TV Tower (coordinates: / We traveled to Bratislava by car and we did these trips with it. A nice short hike from the old town is also the Slavin war memorial (coordinates: / To find more about Bratislava tourist attractions click here. We also wanted to see the BS-8 bunker from WW2, but it was closed when we wanted to explore it.

Prices in Bratislava

If you find Bratislava pricy or not, depends greatly from the country you are coming from. For us, coming from Slovenia, Bratislava was surprisingly more expensive than we thought it would be. But if we would compare income of people coming from UK, Scandinavia, Germany, USA, Japan or Australia, Bratislava will look as a low budget destination.

Hotels in Bratislava

Bratislava offers hotels for every budget, so it is up to you, what you are looking in a hotel. We were staying at hotel Matyšak and were very happy about it. If you are fond of camping, you can also camp at Zlate Plesky in vicinity of Bratislava (open 1st may to 15th October). You will need about 20 minutes by public transport to reach the old town or you might decide to explore Bratislava from the camping place by bike, what is a nice option too.

When to visit Bratislava

We believe there is no bad time to visit Bratislava, as long as you have good weather, what makes exploration much more pleasant. But honestly told, your best timing would be somewhere from spring to winter, when the days are long and warm. But on the other hand, it might be nice to visit Bratislava for Christmas markets too – seeing some photos, the city should look beautiful.

Nevertheless when you decide to visit Bratislava, we are sure you will enjoy wandering around it, feel its energy, vibes and taste its good local beer and food. 

We have visited Bratislava as a press trip organized by the Bratislava Tourism Board, but all opinions and recommendations are our own.