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New York City, being a well visited tourist destination, blooms with different kinds of accommodation options. In general, not many residential (apartment) hotels can be found there, but we actually stayed in one during our New York exploration.

The residential Q & A hotel was great, but to give you a better understanding, why we would choose this hotel again, we prepared a short overview of it.

Residental Q & A hotel

Location of the Q & A hotel

Traveling to New York City with our 19 months old son late at night, our wish was to have a hotel with a good location, 24 hour front desk and good subway connection, to reach it in the middle of the night.

Looking around the subway stations, we found the Q & A hotel almost next to the J line subway station – direct line from the Jamaica station, which is connected to the JFK International Airport through its Sky Train.

The location of Q & A hotel is in financial district, not far from the Wall Street and Stock Exchange. The end of the J line is only one block away from the hotel, what was ideal for further explorations too. We also liked the fact we could reach several New York tourist attractions by foot from the hotel – the ferry to Staten Island, Battery Park, 9/11 Memorial, Brooklyn Bridge and neighborhoods like Tribeca, Chelsea…

If once financial district was completely empty during afternoons, evenings and over the weekends, everything changed about three years ago. In fact, the hotel owners decided to transform the building from being a business one, to a residential one and saving first six floors for the hotel too. The bold move started a new trend, as people grabbed the opportunity for a bit cheaper apartments, and soon financial district started to become a living area too. As a result the area got new restaurants, cafes and shops and nowadays the financial district is a lively neighborhood after working hours too.

Spacious rooms in the Q & A hotel

If you have already been in New York City and stayed in Manhattan, you know the hotel rooms are normally very tiny. The hotel offers spacious rooms and definitely much more for the same amount of money than other hotels in the same price range.

All the rooms are designed as apartments. In fact the hotel room  gives you a sneak peak into the local life. Our room / apartment was identical to the residential apartment in the building.

Every room / apartment in the Q & A hotel has its own fully equipped kitchen, including dishwasher, oven, microwave, large fridge with freezer. If you’ll be staying in a two-bedroom apartment, you will even have your own washing machine. We should not forget about the large bathroom either.

Additional amenities in the Q & A hotel

You won’t only find tourists staying in the hotel, but also people, who are in New York City for a longer period of time like businessmen, students, families. Staying in the Q & A hotel makes you feel comfortable and does not feel like a hotel at all. With the spacious rooms, fully equipped kitchen and free use of the gym, it is like finding a new home away from home.

The Q & A hotel also offers laundry room for their guests. There’s also a lovely cafe in the building, well stocked grocery store with lots of veggies, fruit and other healthy products, including take-away food. In few months’ time there will even be a restaurant available, including with the rooftop one, which will not only offer high-end cuisine, but also great views over lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The staff in the Q & A Hotel

No matter where in New York City we found ourselves in, we always had great experience with people and it was no different in the Q & A Hotel either. We also like the fact the staff was very helpful with information, including with some insider tips to see and explore New york City on a budget.

Prices in the Q & A Hotel

Booking a room in the Q & A Hotel is not cheap, but comparing other Manhattan hotels in the same price range, the prices are actually very competitive – not to mention the spacious rooms , which cannot be found in Manhattan easily. To top it all of with the fully equipped kitchen to prepare your meals, you got yourself a great deal for New York City for sure.

Well, we could stay in Airbnb place to have a kitchen, but because we arrived to Manhattan in the middle of the night, we needed something with 24 hour front desk and Airbnb can sure not offer you that – not even every day room cleaning.

We stayed in Q & A hotel for 4 nights and without a hesitation, I can say all three of us loved the place – spacious rooms, large and fully equipped kitchen, good location and a sneak peak in to the local life of this residential building, sure felt like a place, you can easily recommend to family and friends.

When we were looking at family friendly hotels in New York City, we put a shine on the residental Q & A hotel, so we were very happy we were able to do a collaboration with them. But nevertheless, noone influenced on the review, as everything written is our own opinion.