potty training, potty training while traveling

I thought how interesting and full of adventures are my travels, before having a child, but comparing them now, I must admit, I have never had travels so full of interesting events, stories and happenings. I think I also was never so tired than now, but I would still not go back to traveling without our little munchkin.

We get many travel related – kids questions and many answers are written here. An interesting topic is also potty training while traveling, with what we are dealing now.

I post-poned potty training as traveling seemed much easier with diappers, but Ren was ready and I did not think twice. We stop using diappers and have started with potty trainings before he was 2 years old. We now carry potty with us all the time, no matter where do we go.

If I was first worried how potty training while traveling will even go together, I can easily say, it is not hard at all. Sure, we do make big entrances when check-in in the hotel, carrying potty in my hands, and we still wash Ren’s clothes by hand from time to time, as we sometimes missed the timing. Stopping beside the road or parking and waiting until Ren makes his thing is our daily routine, but why not? It is something completely natural and we were once all learning how to manage without diappers.

I was a bit concerned over flying into a destination while potty training, as traveling overland by car is easy. But on our recent Yucatan travel, Simon and I were sure, we could do it without the potty and just sit Ren on the toilet. He did well on the plain, but we just decided to buy the potty in the closest Walmart as soon as we reached the destination. It was just 2 Euros, so it wouldn’t make any sense to taking it with us and staying without it. Ren chose the potty by himself so he loved it, what made potty training while traveling even easier.

As everything before, things are so difficult and complicated as you make it, also with potty training while traveling. We were not embarrassed to walk around with potty and have it with us all the time, but I know some would be. As a mum, I can only say one thing – listen to yourself and your little one and don’t make things harder as they are, just because of others. Everyone who did potty training with their kids will just give you a smile of support, but all the others, who might roll eyes over it, should never even be your business.