Playmobil Fun park, playmobil Fun park germany, Germany with kids

Playmobil Fun Park is perfect to visit when traveling around Germany with kids and that is exactly why we have also visited it with our little explorer.

Ever since we are traveling as a family of three, our travels are always adjusted to our son. In fact, on every trip, we try to dedicate at least one full day especially for him. On our recent roadtrip around Bavaria in Germany, we decided to spend one day in the Playmobil Fun Park.

Playmobil Fun Park

The theme park Playmobil is ideal as a day trip when staying in Nuremberg, as it spreads over 90.000 m2 and can be visited in any weather. If it is too cold, raining or snowing outside, you can always enjoy your time in the indoor playing area on 5.000 m2.

Well, but if you are lucky enough to be here on a warm sunny day, the outdoor attractions are even more amazing and your little one will definitely put a shine on them all.

Playmobil Fun Park

Like in the old days (Playmobil Fun Park, Germany)

Playmobil Fun Park

Your kids will enjoy exploration (Playmobil Fun Park, Germany)

Playmobil Fun Park

Cute figures will charm everyone (Playmobil Fun Park, Germany)

For kids older than 3 years old

Even though the Playmobil Fun Park is in general for kids above 3 years old, our 16 months Ren still enjoyed a lot. There are many sandpits with toys there, what sure helps the parent with leaving the extra luggage at home.

Playmobil Fun Park

You don’t need to bring the toys as they are all there (Playmobil Fun Park, Germany)

Playmobil Fun Park

Yaaay, so cute (Playmobil Fun Park, Germany)

When toddlers will be enjoying the sandpits, the older kids will be able to take part in different activities like boat riding, exploring the medieval castle, visiting the pirate ship, farm, searching for gold, climbing, and car driving…

Playmobil Fun Park, Playmobil Germany, theme parks in Germany

Climbing to the medieval castle (Playmobil Fun Park, Germany)

Playmobil Fun Park

Visiting the pirate’s ship (Playmobil Fun Park, Germany)

Playmobil Fun Park travel tips

Where to eat?

The Playmobil Fun Park is so large you can easily spend the whole day there, so you will sure be hungry. If you will not bring your own food, there is a big self-service restaurant inside the park.

Playmobil Fun Park

Self-service restaurant (Playmobil Fun Park, Germany)

The food in the restaurant is more or less local with sausages, steaks, but everything is pretty tasty. There’s even a wok corner, where you can get rice with veggies. The salad bar is not lacking from diversity either. The food is also adjusted for kids – guess what is the most popular – French fries with meat or pasta. There’s even a pizza place opposite the self-service restaurant.

Playmobil Fun Park, Playmobil Germany, theme parks in Germany

Our lunch (Playmobil Fun Park, Germany)

Other facilities

Playmobil Fun Park is made for kids, so you can expect a lot of facilities for them – there are many toilets available (including for children), you can reach everything by a stroller and there is also a big changing/nursing room in the main building where the self-service restaurant and indoor playing area is.

Best time to visit the Playmobul Fun Park?

Because of the large indoor playing area there’s no bad timing to visit the Playmobil Fun Park and that is also why it is open all-year round. But if you want to avoid the crowds, make sure to visit the Playmobul Fun Park during weekdays.

Playmobil Fun Park

It gets pretty crowded during weekends (Playmobil Fun Park, Germany)

Where to sleep?

We visited the Playmobil Fun Park as a day trip from Nuremberg, where we also have a hotel booked. We stayed in the Adina Apartment Hotel for three nights, which was fantastic. The location was close to the old city center, which we explored on foot every day. Also the small kitchen studio, with washing machine, dining table, sleeping area and large bathroom was perfect.

If your kids are keen on Playmobil, you might want to surprise them with booking a room in the Playmobil Hotel itself or a hotel closer to the park – you can see some options here.

How to reach Playmobil Fun Park?

We were traveling around Germany by a car and that is also why we have visited the Playmobil Fun Park with it. There’s a big parking area (49°25’47.6” / N10°56’12.5”) few hundred meters from the entrance (5 EUR/day or 3 EUR/day during winter. If you spend more than 20 EUR in the shop, the parking will cost only 1 EUR – you just show the parking ticket to the cashier). There are parking places along the street where the entrance to the Playmobil Fun Park is, but if you don’t come early, all are full.

Playmobil Fun Park

We will be definitely back (Playmobil Fun Park, Germany)

Ren really enjoyed the Playmobil Fun Park, even though he was bellow 3 years old. Nevertheless, Playmobil Fun Park is for sure one of the best things to do in Nuremberg with kids.