peg perego baby stroller, baby stroller for traveling

We had no idea, how many baby strollers are available on the market, before we started buying one. When the search for the most suitable baby stroller begun, we have encountered numerous brands, models and prices.

To be honest, we were thinking to buy a second-hand baby stroller, but being on the road a lot, we had some special requests and that is why we decided to get ourselves a new one.

So, which baby stroller is the best for adventurous and active parents?

It is hard to point out, which baby stroller would be the number one, as everyone has its own wishes, requests and financial status. But if you ask us, we have decided to go for the Italian brand Peg Perego and its model Book Cross.

peg perego baby stroller, baby stroller for traveling

We have chosen Peg Perego Book Cross (Baby stroller for traveling)

Why have we decided for Peg Perego Book Cross baby stroller?

  • All terrain

We have a 4WD car for traveling, what means, we are always in search for off the beaten parts in the country we are exploring. That is why, we were looking for a baby stroller, which can be driven also on more challenging dirt roads. After doing the research, Book Cross from Peg Perego should suits our needs perfectly.

peg perego baby stroller, baby stroller for traveling

Peg Perego Book Cross baby stroller is good for (almost) all kind of terrain

peg perego baby stroller, baby stroller for traveling

So far we tested Book Cross on short family trips and we are impressed (Baby stroller for traveling)

  • Indestructible wheels

The new technology of soft-ride wheels on the Book Cross baby stroller did brought our attention. The wheels are made out of tear-resistant lining, what means they are indestructible. Sand, dirt roads or grass should be easily overcome.

peg perego baby stroller, baby stroller for traveling

Its rubber wheels are indestructible (Baby stroller for traveling)

  • Suspension

The Book Cross baby stroller has a good suspension and also bearings for better stability. Not only we can drive almost on all terrains with the stroller, also our little pumpkin should enjoy the ride.

peg perego baby stroller, baby stroller for traveling

Perfect for shorter trips and longer travels (Baby stroller for traveling)

  • XL basket / bassinet

The breaking point, where we knew the Book Cross is what we need, is its XL bassinet. With its car-kit it has all the needed certificates, to be used in the car. Having this, our baby will be able to sleep in the car on our long rides and will feel comfortable as being at home, in his own bed.

peg perego baby stroller, baby stroller for traveling

Its bassinet can be used also in the car during driving (Baby stroller for traveling)

  • Simple to navigate and fold

Stopping on our travels a lot, park the car and explore different sights, we knew, we need a baby stroller, which will be easy to handle and fold with one hand. We can hold a baby with one hand and fold the stroller with the other. Perfect!

  • Long lasting use

Our Book Cross is a 4 modular one, meaning we did not just get the frame, but also a complete set of bassinet, car seat and stroller seat. This means, we will be able to use the baby stroller until our little pumpkin will need it.

peg perego baby stroller, baby stroller for traveling

Book Cross 4 modular is great for long time use (Baby stroller for traveling)

  • Strong aluminum frame, adjustable handle and a break

Book Cross is known as a baby stroller for difficult terrains, meaning it should also have a strong, but light frame. Its aluminum frame might be heavier than with similar baby strollers, but driving it on dirt roads we sure needed something which will take the demanding terrain and not be destroyed too quickly. We also like the fact that the stroller has adjustable handle – I like to drive it having it lower than Simon does. Last but not least – we are not driving the stroller only on flatlands and that is why the three shift break is a good feature too.

peg perego baby stroller, baby stroller for traveling

Baby stroller Book Cross has strong aluminium frame (Baby stroller for traveling)

  • Beautiful design

When choosing the baby stroller we did not put many thoughts on its design, as we were looking something to suit our travel style. But at the end, we did not only get a perfect travel baby stroller, but also beautifuly designed one. The design might not be very important, but hey, it is always nice to have something that looks good as well, right? 🙂

peg perego baby stroller, baby stroller for traveling

Peg Perego Book Cross is not just practical, but also beautiful (Baby stroller for traveling)

The only downside of the Book Cross stroller might be its size, as it is not the smaller you can get on the market. But in the first year of Ren’s life, we will mostly be traveling by car, so the transportation of the stroller should not be too difficult. And when traveling by plane, we will so and so consider taking umbrella stroller with us.

The Peg Perego Book Cross baby stroller has done a great impression so far. We will soon see how theory will be used in practice when doing a longer roadtrip to Sardinia at the end of April. But until know, using it on some shorter family trips, we are impressed.