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Traveling for two months by car with a baby, sightseeing, meeting new people, making unforgettable memories should not have a price-tag. Nevertheless, we did do a breakdown of it, as we know you are curious about it.

Days on the road: 54 days (the plan was to be on the road for 60-70 days, but because of Ren’s health, we decided to end everything a bit faster. Luckily we did, as the next day we were home, we already visited a pediatrician.)

Mileage: 12.356 kilometers

Visited countries: If we don’t count our home country Slovenia, we traveled over 8 countries: Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Greece and F.Y.R. of Macedonia

Car repairs: Twice (broken rear differential arm and broken screw on the strap)

Lost weight: Simon lost 2 kilos, I lost 3. We lost more in Armenia and Georgia, but luckily we fed ourselves well again in Turkey to come home with only few kilos lighter.

Problems with digestion: Simon twice, I had problems three times, Ren luckily had zero problems

Wilderness camping: 29 nights

We spent majority of our nights sleeping in the car somewhere in the wild. It is nice to be able to stare at the starry sky without anyone around you. And we also saved some money because of that.

Official camping grounds: 5 nights

We slept in the official camping grounds first few days, when doing the transfer.

Hotels / Guest houses: 19 nights

I know, we are spoiled, but nothing can beat a warm shower and fresh bed sheets. But honestly, we did stay in hotels / GH mostly because of blogging. Writing posts and editing videos lying in the car, when our little munchkin wanted to press all the buttons on our laptops was mission impossible. Majority of hotels / GH stays were done in the cities, to be part of the vibe. We also ended our adventure in hotels/GH, when days got shorter – believe me, it is no fun preparing breakfast and dinner to our baby when it is dark outside. Oh and sometimes it is also nice to have the space for some intimacy.

Total costs: We spent exactly 2.995,95 EUR

Our Toyota LC95 is not such economical car when it comes to fuel consumption, as almost half of the costs are for the fuel – 1.405,1 EUR, to be exact. We spent 564,44 EUR on all accommodations in hotels, GH and camping. We tried to cook our food by ourselves, but longer we traveled, less willing we were and at the end we were only preparing breakfasts and dinners by ourselves. We also were buying diapers, cleaning tissues and food along the way, so we spent 624,81 EUR for food outside, grocery and teas/coffees in cafes. We could reduce the costs a lot, but hey, we also travel to taste the food, to enjoy sitting in a cafe, watching the local life, talking with people. We also spent 169,66 EUR for highways, ferries and car in insurance in Armenia. The rest was spent for parking, internet and maintenance of the car, Armenian cognac, souvenirs and other little things.

Our goal of 50 EUR/day was not achieved – more or less because we had to shorten our travel. But nevertheless, we wanted to return home without regrets for not trying some food, for not seeing something and for being too tired to actually enjoy the whole adventure. Because we spent only few Euros per day more, we turned our Spartans way of traveling into »we are having a blast«.

*A word of advice – if you wish to do a similar adventure, find 3 more friends, with whom you will share the costs, as that means that you will spend only 749 EUR per person for the whole travel, what sure can be marked as a low-budget travel.