Georgia overland, Georgia by car, Kazbegi Georgia

Oh well, travels are never easy and if traveling by car, there are even more ways that something can go wrong.

Simon and I both got diarrhea in Kazbegi, what is not the end of the world, but having a baby with you, does complicate things a bit. But if only diarrhea would be the problem….

When we were driving up to the famous Gergety Church, we started to hear some noise on the car’s suspension. We tried to ignore it, as we needed to return back to the valley and just wanted to enjoy the views over the St. Trinity church.

Georgia overland, Georgia by car, Kazbegi Georgia

St. Trinity church in Gergeti (Georgia travel)

We stayed the night on a plateau beneath the church, where horses were the most interesting thing to Ren. Waking up to a cold morning was not pleasant at all, but in an hour we were lucky enough to get some sun.

Georgia overland, Georgia by car, Kazbegi Georgia

Woken up ina beautiful new day (Georgia travel)

The next day we wanted to cross another challenging mountain pass at 3000 meters above sea level, which could be driven only by 4×4. Because of the car problems, we decided it is safer to drive back to Tbilisi to check what is going on.

Georgia overland, Georgia by car, Kazbegi Georgia

We broken something on the car while doing off-roading (Georgia travel)

Our first stop was the Toyota Tbilisi center, where we were immediately put on the car-lift for a check-up… Unfortunately the news were not good – we have broken the rear differential arm due to the bad condition of the suspension – our car is 17 years old, so it is pretty rusty. They were unable to help, but gave us instructions to a normal car-garage, where they manage to fix impossible things. To our surprise, they did not charge us anything and just wished us good luck and safe traveling.

Georgia overland, Georgia by car, Kazbegi Georgia

Car’s check-up at Toyota Tbilisi center (Georgia travel)

So, we ended up at some oddly looking building, with lots of garages. Being there at 6 pm, we needed to wait until the next morning, so we just ask if we can sleep there. It was not the best view we had, but it was practical for sure. The next day, before lunch, our car was ready for the road.

Simon and I decided that we will not do demanding tracks any more, especially because Ren is with us and we just don’t want to deal with any more problems. It makes me a bit sad, as off-roads in Georgia and Armenia are amazingly beautiful, but if we first thought that we will need to leave out Armenia, it is now back in the game, what is definitely a good reason to be happy.