I always enjoyed travel planning, but ever since we have been blogging professional, we stopped with planning. The reason is that we often had to cancel our plans because something else came our way.

We do have lots of travel wishes for this year too, but without being planned. If they happen we will be happy, but if they don’t we won’t mind as well. The goal is also to save some free days for the end of the year and try to have some free time.

I have been wanting to spend New Years Eve somewhere else than home for years, but because the prices are always double o tripple during the holidays, we stay at home. But we believe that 2020 is the year, we can finally spend it somehere else. We are hoping to do an overland travel at least to Morocco, do some wilderness camping, as this way this kind of exploration will not get anymore expensive, even though we are traveling for holidays.

Now that we also got our Toyota Land Cruiser back, we will of course try to do as much trips with it as possible. Maybe it will also be time to finally ticked of some of our travel bucket list with Corsica, Sicily, Balkan penninsula…

But of course, even though we really enjoy overland traveling, we are unfortunately too short with time to be traveling like that to the other side of the world. So if we get a good value flight tickets, we just might be flying somewhere far too.

There are lots of wishes and imagination, but we are always lacking of time and unfortunately also money, so at the end it always comes down to money and on the fact how much we will be able to earn and save. But nevertheless, we always know our year will be full of adventures, exploration and unforgettable moments, which will be also shared on the blog, Facebook, Instagram and our YouTube channel, so stay tuned.