Oman travel, things to do in oman, Oman travel tips, Oman travel guide

Oman travel is one of my the best adventourus travel, I have done! Renting a 4×4 vehicle and self-exploring the country, is simply amazing and hard to beat!

Oman travel, things to do in oman, Oman travel tips, Oman travel guide

People in Oman are amazingly hospitable. They have nothing, but would give you the world!

If you are wondering how to travel to Oman, how much are living expenses there, what to eat, where to stay and what are the TOP things to do, look no further.

Oman travel guide and travel tips

Cheap airline tickets to Oman

I am not sure from which side of the world are you reading this Oman travel guide, but normaly airline ticket price greatly affect traveling budget. If you are from Europe, check out the KLM, Air France, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways or Emirates as they often have the cheapest airline ticket availables. If you get it for 400,00 EUR/pp, you got yourself a fantastic deal!

Oman tourist Visa

You can easily get tourist visa on arrival for Oman and it is pretty cheap. All you need is a passport valid for another 6 months and 5 RO (10,00 EUR/pp) for 10 days or 20 RO (38,00 EUR/pp) for 30 days tourist visa.

Oman transportation

Public transportation is always the cheapest option, but if you are a little bit more adventurous and want to explore Oman completely by yourself, I would definitely recommend you a rented vehicle. Rented vehicle is also the best for Oman travel, if you are limited with your time. You might also ask why renting a car in Oman is the best possible option? The freedom you get with this is indescribable…  You can stop whenever and wherever you want and you don’t just get from a place A to B, but you have all the places in between available as well. Almost all the top places to visit in Oman can be reachable by a normal personal car, but if you are willing to spend a little extra, 4×4 vehicle is your best choice for sure! The most beautiful places in Oman are reachable only by a 4×4, not to mention you can even try to drive over a sand dune in the desert! The cost for rented vehicle depends of the car, but let say you can get a small personal car for about 30 EUR/day, when renting a 4×4 will cost you from 55 – 80 EUR/day. If you will drive your own adventure in Oman, there’s one more fantastic news – gasoline is dirt cheap – 0,30 EUR/liter. The main roads in Oman are in perfect condition and have also road signs in Latin alphabet. We booked our rented car at Economy Car Rentals.

Accommodation in Oman

Tourism strategy in Oman is pointed into luxury tourism and that is why hotels are pretty expensive. You can still get a room for about 40 EUR/per night, but don’t expect it to be perfect! If you are traveling on a tight budget, you will be super happy about possibility of wild camping. Wild camping in Oman is completely safe and legal. The only recommendation is that you pitch your tent somewhere outside of towns. If that is not possible, than ask someone first, if you can sleep at his door steps, before really doing it. If you plan to wild camp during your whole Oman travel, 4×4 vehicle is essential! I would recommend you to bring your own camping gear (tent, sleeping bag), the rest can be bought in Muscat – not far from the international airport is Carrefour shopping center, where you can find everything you need for camping – even tents if you don’t have your own.

Oman food

If you will be traveling around Oman with a rented vehicle and do wild camping, you will probably cook by yourself from time to time, as there will not be any restaurant in the wilderness of a mountain or desert. If this is the case, you can buy all the essentials in Muscat. Vegetables, fruits and rice can be bought on local markets during your travel. Don’t forget to always carry lots of water with you!! For everyone, who want to try Oman traditional food, I would recommend small restaurant, where the locals eat. Lots of locals show us the food is good, fresh and cheap! You can get a meal for about 4 – 5 €/pp. Please note Oman is an Islamic country, so there is no alcohol available (except for some high end hotels)!

Bargain for price

Before you buy anything at Oman markets, do not forget to bargain hard for the price. Please note bargain is only advisable, when you really mean to buy something. More about bargain and how to do it, in a special post “How to bargain on your travels?”
If you want to do Oman on a budget, check some of our travel tips here.

Woman traveler in Oman 

Even though women in Oman can hardly be seen on the streets, women travelers have no problems here! People in Oman are even more friendlier, if you are traveling alone, than with a man companion. I would only recommend you to travel in long trousers and in (at least) 3/4 shirt sleeves… not that anything would happen if you would not, but real travelers respect cultures they travel in and you will also get more respect if you try to blend in.

Things to do in Oman  

There is amazing news regarding things to do in Oman – almost all the sights are completely free! Visiting wadis, trekking in the Grand Canyon or driving across the desert are completely free of charge and the only limitation is yourself. You can also find a local guide to be with you if you don’t feel comfortable doing it alone . The fortresses in Oman are payable, but don’t worry, the entrance ticket is only 1€/pp! If you want to know what are the TOP things to do in Oman read more here.
To experience the best of Oman, check out our Oman travel itinerary.

Safety in Oman 

Many people have doubts to travel in Arab countries, but statistically Oman is the safeties country on Arab peninsula. People in Oman are incredibly friendly and helpful. They have nothing, but would give you the world! The only problem for Oman is that you will fall in love with it and you will never want to leave!

Communication language in Oman

Not many Omani people speak English and deeper in the country you go, less English is spoken, but never mind. Try to learn few arabic words like hello (Merhaba) and thank you (Shukran) and you will be welcomed with open arms. The positive energy will do everything for you and in this case, English is not needed at all. 

When to go to Oman

To avoid extreme hit, avoid summer months. The best travel time to Oman is during our winter time. You cannot miss with perfect weather condition if you plan your travel from November to March.

Oman travel, things to do in oman, Oman travel tips, Oman travel guide

Oman travel is one of my favourite travels and I know, I will be back again soon!

Oman traveling can really be a very cheap adventure. If you decide for your own exploration by a rented car and wild camping, you will have the best time of your life! Oman is amazing and all I can say is you should visit it as soon as possible, as it is rapidly changing!