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Oman on a budget is not a science fiction and can easily be done, if you know few tips and tricks.

We actually still believe every country can be done on a budget if that is something you are eager to do. Lots of little known countries among travelers, are often pricy due to the lack of tourist facilities. But on the other hand, there are still countries, which can hardly be seen on tourist radars can be affordable to everyone with using some tricks. One of them is Oman.

Oman has been one of our favorite travels, as the country is still very traditional, historical and adventurous. And yes, you can travel to Oman even though you don’t have a thick wallet. 

Tips and trick to do Oman on a budget

  • Cheap flights

We are based in Europe, so we mostly know prices for flights to Oman from here. It depends where in Europe you are based, but you can get a return flight to Muscat and back for as little as 300 EUR/pp, what will definitely help to do Oman on a budget.

  • Visa on arrival

Check if you are among countries which don’t need visa for entering Oman. We needed one, but luckily there is visa on arrival available, what makes your travel much easier.

  • Renting a car

Even if you don’t do backpacking in Oman, you can still do it low budget. The best way and also not expensive one is renting a car. We would recommend you to have a 4WD, but leaving few places behind, a normal personal car will do as well. Not to mention it will be cheaper too. We booked the car through The price for a small personal car like Toyota Yaris will costs you around 20€/day.

  • Fuel prices

One of the advantages of renting a car for your roadtrip around Oman is also the low fuel prices. It was great to see a liter of fuel for as little as 0,43 EUR. Great price if you want to do low budget traveling around the country.

  • Accommodations

If you really want to make your travel around the country as one unforgetable adventure, pack a tent with you and forget about hotels. Believe it or not, but wilderness camping in Oman is allowed by law and you can pitch your tent almost everywhere – avoid private lots and cities though. Nevertheless, we would still recommend you to stay in a hotel for the first and last night – just to get yourself together after and before the flight. Check out hotels in Muscat here. The first day hotel would be best around International Airport as it is close to the largest shopping mall and grocery store, where you can buy everything needed for the roadtrip. The last day you might want to stay near the traditional area of Muscat – Muttrah (most tourist attractions are there). Check out our recommended hotels here, which are reasonable priced. 

  • Food in Oman

If you’ll decide for wilderness camping, you will probably cook your own meals, or at least breakfasts and snacks will be your own responsibility, what will sure make your travel to Oman cheap. Buy all you need before leaving Muscat, as you will get most for your money and also a wider choice there. But if you will be driving through different towns, you can always stop at some local eateries or maybe Indian restaurants, where the food is good and cheap. How great is that, right?

  • Entrance fees

Nothing can be better than visiting tons of sights and hardly open your wallet. Oman, being a great outdoor destination, will impress you for its nature, towns, countryside and landscape. But even though you will want to visit few of their magnificent forts, you will be surprised when buying a ticket. Each entrance fee is only a bit more than 1 EUR /pp. Did I mention that traveling to Oman on a budget can be done without a fuss?

If these facts about traveling to Oman on a budget convinced you, check out our 9 days self-drive Oman travel itinerary. And do not hesitate to visit Oman for too long – it is getting more and more popular among travelers and we just hope it will not lost its charm too soon.