Mercedes Sprinter 4x4, campervan, campervan conversion

The Covid-19 pandemic really messed up our travel plans. We have not been anywhere for 8 months and I have been missing traveling so much. If all goes well, it looks like our best bet is another summer of road tripping around Europe – fingers crossed.

Staying at home did affect our income from blogging big time, so instead of publishing travel memories, Simon and I have been working to earn the money with regular jobs and try to save for our future explorations.

So far, we have not been making any new travel plans, as every time we did that, they were cancelled and/or post-pond, what caused big disappointments and in some cases some money lost too.

But, having more time at home is not entirely a bad thing. In fact, we have finally started on a new project, which we have been longing for years.

If you are a regular reader of our travel blog, you know, we were the owners of Toyota Prado 95, which we sold and upgraded with a bigger version – Toyota Landcruiser 100. But in between the two cars, we were actually wondering if we would be better off with a 4×4 truck or at least a 4×4 van… Well, you know how did this turned out for us.

We put lots of effort and money to renovate and upgrade the LC 100 to an overland vehicle. Apart from short trips around Slovenia and Croatia, we have just done (“thanks” to all the lock-downs) an overland trip to Tunisia and to Corsica. We had much bigger plans, but the pandemic really messed everything up.

Nevertheless, even though we really enjoy these kinds of trips, a small part of us still wanted something bigger. Something we can use in bad weather, during winter and cold days too. We have wanted something more comfortable for all three of us. I guess we are getting a bit old and our son is growing fast too…

I still remember lively, how Simon told me, he found an ad with used Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 van – our dream car, for which we never really had the money for. Apart from being impressed over the selling price and blinded from all the excitement, this seemed like the perfect chance to finally make our dreams come true. Well, we felt hard as soon as we thought about the money and financing this big project…. But the dream and our wish was just to strong this time to allow the opportunity to pass away…

Mercedes Sprinter 4x4, campervan, campervan conversion

Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 conversion to campervan

Lots of people take loans, so we decided to do the same, but in our case, it will be for the Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 van – our mobile tiny house. Still not sure, how we will manage to pay the loan and to work on the upgrade and conversion of the commercial van to a camper van, but sometimes it is better not to think too much and just trust your guts.…

So instead of giving up on our dreams this time, we are now the proud owners of the future 4×4 campervan, for which we will need to roll up our sleeves and work even harder.

So far, we have not been thinking of selling our upgraded Toyota Land Cruiser 100, as we still need a car to travel with before the van will be done – that can take a while with our (non) budget. Well, to be totally honest, keeping the Landcruiser is also some sort of a back-up… Even though Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 was our dream for ages, we are leaving open the possibility that we might not even like traveling with it at the end – who knows…  Maybe the travel feeling with it, just want do us so much fun that we are currently having with the Landcruiser. If that will be the case, we will still be extremely happy and proud to make the dreams into reality and not asking ourselves, what if… Having no regrets is actually the most precious gift you can give to yourself. And luckily these kind of camper vans sell good too.

If you are interested how the project is moving on, you are welcome to subscribe to our YouTube channel for series of movies, we are planning to do during the remodeling. We will also be very active with stories on our Instagram accounts – @ninatravels1 and @explore_everything1, so follow us for all the updates, tricks, tips and nerves break outs. Don’t forget to check out the blog too, as we will put some more photos and updates here as well.

p.s. If some of you thought the new project is a new family member, we are apologizing for the disappointment. 😉