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Naples in Italy might sounds like a normal European city, but as soon as you will wander around its old town, you will realize how unique Naples really is. A quick travel guide will sure make your exploration easier.

Travel guide Naples Italy

How to reach Naples?

Naples has an international airport, so no matter where you are based, you should not have any problems with reaching it. If you are based in Europe, check out low cost airlines, to get the best price.

How to reach Naples old town from the airport?

The easiest way to reach Naples old town from the airport is by taxi, but another great way is also the Alibus. You can find the station about 200 meters from the airport building (the path is well marked, so just follow the signs). The ride will cost you 5 EUR/pp and is valid for 90 minutes, including with using the metro/ subway or local buses, funicular. You should confirm the ticket on the bus (yellow box), where you can also buy it. The Alibus stops at two stations – the main railway station and port.

How to explore Naples?

If you have no problem with walking, the old town of Naples is perfect to walk and admire the hustle and bustle on the narrow and crowded streets. If you prefer using local transport, you can use the metro / subway or buses. I would rather use the metro to avoid traffic – a ride costs 1,10 EUR.

To make your exploration easy and with all the best things to do in Naples, check out our Naples travel itinerary.

Things to do in Naples

There are many things to do in Naples for which you don’t even need to leave the old city center, which could make you busy for days. If you are curious which 17 things to do in Naples we recommend, check them out here.

Food in Naples

Food in Naples is so important and a big part of local daily life, that tasting it can easily be marked as one of city’s best things to do. The fact that you really cannot and should not avoid the world’s famous pizza (Naples is its birth place) is just a small piece of diverse and delicious culinary. If you want to spoil your taste buds click here to see 7 dishes you must try in Naples.

Accommodation in Naples

Naples is very popular among travelers so you will find plenty of options for accommodation. You can choose from hotels to private apartments. We stayed in a private apartment Casa Gaia in the old city center, close to Archeological museum, so we walked around and seen most of the old city center on foot. The Casa Gaia apartment was huge, having two big bedrooms, a living room and fully equipped kitchen. There were also one bathroom and another separate toilet. The balcony has a view directly to a really typical Naples street…old, narrow and absolutely charming. You can see more photos and reviews, including location here.

If you are more into hotels, check out the Hotel Principe Napolit’amo – the location is right on the Toledo Street (pedestrian zone) in the popular Spanish quarter. More information about Hotel Principe Napolit’amo here.

Safety in Naples

Naples might be known for crime and »mafia« and I would be closing my eyes, if I would not be honest with you. There are parts in the city, which are not safe and where you should be careful, but if you’ll be staying in the old town, you should be safe. Nevertheless I’d still recommend you to have your eyes on your belongings – pick-pockets are everywhere – not just in Naples, but in every bigger city.

Prices in Naples

Before we traveled to Naples, I though the city will be expensive. After all, Naples is a popular tourist destination. But the prices are very good and affordable and much lower than in Central Europe. Few examples: delicious pizzas (4-6 EUR), a glass of wine (0,25 dcl 3-4 EUR), pasta as a main course (8-9 EUR), cappuccino (1.5 – 2 EUR), bottle of beer (0,5l 3-4- EUR).

*Prices are from our trip in May 2019

How to communicate in Naples?

If you have traveled across Italy already, you probably know that English is not their strongest point, but I was actually very surprised, how many people speak English in Naples. We had no problems with communication.

Best time to travel to Naples?

Naples lies even lower than Rome, what means it is super-hot during the summer months. If you can avoid traveling to Naples in July and August, that would not be such a bad idea. The best time to visit Naples is for sure during spring and autumn.

Naples with kids

If you are traveling to Naples with toddlers or young kids, I must admit that Naples is not a really family friendly destination. Most of local kids are really »street kids« without having space to play and run around. We were in Naples for 4 days and we found just one kids playground. If you like hygiene, you might also postpone your trip to Naples when your kids are older, as the streets are a bit chaotic when it comes to cleanness too. But if you are traveling alone or as a couple, Naples is the right city to enjoy the »dolce vita« moments.

I hope this quick Naples travel guide will help you with some of your answers before the trip to enjoy your stay there. Traveling to Naples will show you the real Italy, the loud but kind locals, who knows how to enjoy life and good food.