motion sickness, travel with motion sickness

I don’t know how many people have motion sickness, but I know having it can be a nightmare. Believe me, I know! Even though I have been traveling intenisively from the age of three, I’ve had motion sickness ever since I was an infant.

Luckily I don’t remember my travels due to intense motion sickness, but where ever I did travel, I always ended up with the same results – nausea, dizziness, sweating and vomiting. It didn’t matter if it was for a distance or short trip.

I guess I will never forget the most often used sentence when we went somewhere: »I feel sick!« No matter what I did (from deep breathing, looking straight at the horizon, fresh air, sleep, I am OK talk…), at the end there was always the same result. If I was lucky or better said, if my parents were lucky, they managed to stop the car just in time.

I do wonder how come that traveling did still manage to impress me so much. I guess I can thank pharmaceutical industry for producing pills against motion sickness. I don’t like eating them, but without them I would really need to stop traveling, as it gets so bad.

I cannot even imagine how crazy would be driving on a packed bus for hours, being on long flights, train rides, ferries, boat, if I would not be taking travel sickness tablets… It would be a nightmare for sure!

Somewhere in the middle of grammar school, I took my very first pill against motion sickness and it helped! What an amazing thing that was! I had no problems afterwards – from then on I could even eat, sing, look back, passing mountain roads… even rollercoasters and rough sea didn’t affect me anymore. Not to mention the feeling to be spared the embarrassment in front of my classmates…

Motion sickness luckily does not mean the end of your travels, if you treat it right. Now that I am all grown up, I can even avoid it without taking any pill, when driving the car myself and sometimes even if I am a co-driver – if the road is good. I guess having motion sickness was also one of the biggest reasons Simon and I are more and more into overland and self-drive traveling. Nevertheless, I never leave home without the motion sickness pills.

Do you maybe know any other medicine against motion sickness? Maybe a natural product, which can help me? I’d love to get rid of pills, if anything else helps. 🙂