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Morocco is probably one of the most visited Arab countries. The main reasons are its diverse landscape, rich history and lots of things to do. If you are planning your next travel to Morocco, you came to the right place, as you can get all the needed information about it in this travel guide.

Morocco travel guide and travel tips

Morocco tourist Visa

I am not sure from which country you are reading this, but most nationalities don’t need visa for traveling to Morocco. All you need to do before entering the country is filling in a form with your data. If you are visiting Morocco for the very first time, you will get your own Morocco number and whenever you visit it again, you will need to fill it in your form.

Morocco transportation

Public transport

Public transport is widely available in Morocco. In the northern part of the country (from Casablanca to Fez), your best option would probably be traveling by train. There are of course buses as well, but trains are much more comfortable if you ask me. If you will continue your way from Fez over the Atlas Mountains and all the way to Sahara desert (Merzouga town) and to Marrakech, you will probably do yourself a favor with choosing a rented vehicle. There is public transport available, but it is not very often and you will need more time to travel from one place to another this way. Not to mention you will miss stops in one of the most scenic routes in Morocco.

Renting car

The cost of a rented car depends greatly from the vehicle and season of traveling, but let say the cheapest option would probably be Dacia Logan, which will cost you from 25-35 EUR/day. The cost of petrol is about 1 EUR/ liter. From Marrakech to Agadir, Essaouira or back to Casablanca your best option is bus or of course rented vehicle. Don’t forget to drive with their “Grand-taxis”, which are old Mercedes cars and can take you everywhere you want… Just prepare yourself as they are always very packed.

Morocco accommodation

Due to lots of tourist visiting Morocco, we can find many different options on where to stay in Morocco. I could say you can find everything you want here…from the top end hotels and Riads (traditional Moroccan Villas) to budget rooms and even camping places. If you like your privacy, you will probably stay in a private room, which will cost you about 30-40 EUR / night (double or triple). Most prices include breakfast. If you are traveling to Morocco on a really tight budget, your best options is sleeping on the roof, but bring your own sleeping bag! 

Some of my favorite places to stay in Morocco

– Hotel Central, Casablanca, Morocco (nice rooms, good breakfast and perfect location near the main train station. You also have about 20 minutes walking to the famous Hassan Mosque. There are many local eateries, where you can eat cheap, around this hotel)
– Hotel majestic, Meknes, Morocco (basic rooms, good breakfast and a real Moroccan style. The hotel is right at the main train station and you can reach Rabat (capital of Morocco) in about 2,5 hours or Fez in 45 minutes. The famous El Hedim square and the Medina are reachable in 20 minutes walking)
– Hotel Bab Boujloud, Fez, Morocco (basic rooms, but you could not want a better location. The hotel is right at the main entrance to Medina. Cross your fingers to have a nice weather while you are staying here, as the breakfast is served on the terrace, looking at the Medina. If you are traveling to Fez by your own car or a motorhome, there’s a big parking place near the main Medina door Bab Boujloud. You will also find many budget hotels here.
– Hotel Safari, Midelt, Morocco (somewhere in the middle of the way from Fez to Merzouga is a small town called Midelt. It has not got many hotels, but the Safari hotel was the best I find – great owners, perfect location, good price and a very large room. They serve great breakfast!) Eventhough there are not many tourists in town, you will find great local eateries here – I recommend you to try the traditional soup made out of chickpeas – very cheap but amazingly good and you cannot go more typical than this.
– Sleeping in a Bedouins camp, Sahara desert, Morocco (this will probably be your most unforgettable night in Morocco, as you will be sleeping in the middle of sand dunes. It is not the most comfortable thing to do, but who cares! The price depends on your bargain skills.)
– Hotel Ali, Marrakech, Morocco (You can only wish to have such location that this – the hotel is at the beginning of the main square Djema El Fna. Also Medina is just a few steps away. The rooms are a little bit shaky, but being able to look beyond this, you will get the best central location in town. You can also sleep on the roof and you’ll get amazing views on the famous Djema El Fna square.
– Hotel Souiri, Essaouira, Morocco (this hotel is located in the heart of Medina and it’s a great base to explore this little coastal town. The rooms are basic, but the breakfast was one of the best on my Morocco travel. Around this hotel you will find many teahouses, hammams, local eateries and street food. Good location, good price and a lovely terrace… Perfect for spending your last days in Morocco)

Moroccan Food

No matter how tight your budget is, you have to eat. The cheapest option will definitely be street food, but don’t overlook the tajin. If you are not a big eater, one tajin is good enough for two. If you eat in a local restaurant, they will often serve you with some olives, before your main meal. Morocco has widely available local restaurant with fixed three course menus (appetizer, main dish and desert) and this will cost you from 7-10 EUR/pp. You will also find many bakeries here, where they sell baguettes and croissants. If you like trying new things, don’t miss out on buying some meat in a local butcher’s shop and bring it to the nearest street food vendor, who will bake it for you. Delicious and very cheap! If you are staying in some coastal town, you will be impressed on the wide offer of seafood. Last but not least, drink lots of mint tea – delicious and typical Moroccan!

Bargain for price

Don’t forget to bargain for price, after all you are in Morocco, Arab country, where bargaining for price originate from.

Things to do in Morocco

Morocco is one of the most diverse Arab countries I have visited. You can find everything you want here… The sea, desert, waterfalls, mountains, canyons, towns. When you travel around, you will be amazed to see, how the scenery is changing with almost each new kilometer you make. Read what my TOP things to do in Morocco are and which you should not miss in a blog post here.

Women travelers in Morocco

Many people ask, how is to be a women traveler in Morocco and I always say it could not be better. Strange as it sounds, if your companion is not a man, you will love it here… Each Arab country I have traveled, I always had more benefits if a male-traveler was not with me. I was invited to more teas, more chats and everyone were relaxed talking to me. If you have any doubts as a women for traveling to Morocco stop and go! You will be surprised on the positive things you will encounter.

Safety in Morocco

You can hear all sorts of news in the media, but don’t worry. Morocco is safe for traveling and there are no problems in the country, which would prevent you realised your travel plans.

Communication language in Morocco

Morocco was a formal French colony, so if you know French you are a winner here. English is still a little bit of exotic, but luckily people working in a tourist industry, mainly speak good English.

When to go to Morocco

The best time and also the high season for Morocco traveling is spring or autumn. The temperatures are ideal, as it is neither too hot nor cold. You can of course still travel there during the summer, but be aware it is very HOT there, especially if you want to see the Sahara desert! Winter time is also OK, but the day temperatures are a bit lower (15-20°C) and there’s more rain.

Morocco travel guide, travel to Morocco, things to do in Morocco, Morocco travel tips, Places to visit in Morocco

On you Morocco travel take it slow and enjoy all the things, Morocco is offering you

Morocco travel is well worth your time and money, as it gives you an interesting mixture of North African and Arab world. The landscape is breathtaking and very divers, so I am sure you will enjoy your travel a lot! Don’t rush with you travel as taking it easy is a must thing to do in the Arab world. If you know how to stop yourself, you will love it here!

*If you are like me and enjoy reading a book or two about your next travel destionation, check out “A Morocco Anthology” edited by Martin Rose. The book gathered different stories from many travel writers, to give you an insight of Morocco through centuries.