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Every time we go traveling, one of the most frequently asked question is where do we get the money from? I will be honest, nothing irritate me more than this question, especially when it comes from someone who doesn’t need to watch on every cent in life. I guess it is always easier to finger show on someone else than yourself.

The biggest difference between us and the person who ask us this question is in our life style… We save all the money for traveling and she or he, spend it for different material things… but then we are the one, who are lucky.

Believe it or not, but you do not need to be filthy rich to travel nowadays. Traveling to the other side of the world can be cheaper than ever. Of course everything depends on your travel style, but if you find yourself a budget flight ticket you are half way there! Just the other day a friend of us bought a return flight ticket to the Philippines for 180€.

We know, if you’ve found yourself in a critical situation, when you cannot even pay the bills, traveling feels like million miles away, but if you can save some each month, we are almost sure you can travel somewhere once per year or maybe once in every two years.

How to save money to travel?

  • Quit smoking

If you smoke and you really, really want to travel, stop smoking now! This bad and unhealthy habit costs you more than you can even think. If you just stop smoking you will easily save enough money in one year to travel somewhere – even more if you find yourself a cheap flight ticket.

  • Coffee

How many times per day do you go in a café and order a cup of coffee? A cup of coffee does not sound much, but one each day makes 365 coffees per year and that could already be a pretty nice saving. Say no to coffee or start making your own at home.

  • Partying

If you really want to save money for traveling, partying is a no go. Visiting clubs, ordering a cocktail or two is not cheap. It might make sense to start hanging out with friends at home. It will be much cheaper. And yes, a downside of saving money is you might become a little less socialized. But hey, you know why you are doing this, right?

  • Food

Not sure if this could work for you, but we grow our own vegetables and fruit. For about 4-5 months, we hardly buy any groceries as our garden gives us almost everything we need. We save a lot like this. We also cook ourselves all the time, meaning we don’t buy any finished food for lunch, dinner or breakfast. We bake our own bread; do our own gnocchi, sauces, soups, salads, dressings, pizzas etc. Cooking yourself is cheaper, but also much tastier and healthier.

  • Priorities

Last but not least – saving money for traveling depends on your priorities. If you are more interested in clothes, cars, spas and restaurants you probably will never save enough money for traveling. But on the other hand, it is easy to say no to all the fancy things, if you really want to pack your bags and go.

Yes, we do travel a lot, but we reorganized our whole life because of this. Everyone just see photos from our travels, but no one really look under the surface to see, what all have we been doing, just to afford a low budget travel. So before you give the green look with envy to someone, because he/she is going traveling »again«, ask yourself if you really want to give up your life just for few weeks abroad? Not everyone can…