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Miracle Garden in Dubai is the largest botanical garden in the world. Set in the middle of a desert, might sound strange, but hey, that’s Dubai, right?

Miracle Garden Dubai

Miracle Garden in Dubai is a relatively new tourist attraction and has already been declared the largest horizontal botanical garden in the world by Guiness World Book of Records. Miracle Garden in Dubai spreads over 72000 sq meters and is decorated with more than 45 million flowers. Just unbelievable!

It gets crystal clear at the entrance, that Miracle Garden in Dubai is not just a simple and ordinary botanical garden. But let me ask you something – did you even expect “normal” from a Dubai tourist attraction? I guess not.

There are numerous topary-style flower designs in shape of a car, house, pyramid, windmill, heart. Miracle Garden in Dubai is a true feast for your eyes! The colors are vivid and bright and everything is so well maintained you would never guess this stands in the middle of Dubai. A city which would be a complete desert area if there was no water irrigation system all around it.

We could not help but asking ourselves over and over, how the heck do they get all the water from. After all, Dubai itself needs gallons of water just for daily living. Let us tell you the good news – the water for Miracle Garden in Dubai is all from re-use of waste water, which goes through drip irrigation.

Great news for ecology awareness is also the fact that Miracle Garden in Dubai season is only during the colder months, what means it is closed in the summer, so no water is used from end of May to beginning of October.

Miracle Garden in Dubai plans to have at least one million visitors each year. Due to seasonal changing designs and floral displays, which provide new experience each time, they want to attract repeat visitors too.

Tickets for miracle garden Dubai can be purchased at the cashier  and costs 55 AED for adults and 40 AED for kids aged 3 to 12 years. Kids under 3 years or can enter Miracle Garden at Dubai for free.
Coordinates: 25°03.26.0/055°14.39.4                           

Visitors tip: Reaching Miracle Garden in Dubai without traffic will take about 30 minutes by car. If you don’t have your own transport, the easiest way is to use a taxi. We recommend you to have water and snacks with you, as inside of Miracle Garden everything gets a bit pricy.