Malta travel guide, travel guide to malta

If you are planning a travel to Malta and are looking for last minute travel tips, you came to the right place.

Malta travel guide

  • Cheap travel tickets

The easiest and cheapest way to reach Malta is if you are based somewhere in Europe. If you are already in Europe, 5-7 days are enough to explore all of Malta. Check the low budget airlines like Ryanair for tickets and fly to Malta and back for as little as 30 EUR.

  • Traveling around Malta

You can explore Malta by bus, as the entire island is very well connected with buses. There are buses to every Malta tourist attraction. If you are in Malta for the whole week, buy a weekly bus ticket for 21€/pp and explore the island to the fullest.

On the other side, we explored Malta by rented car, as this always gives us all the needed freedom for photography and videos. Malta, being a small island, where you cannot do lots of kilometers/miles, renting a car is super cheap. We have paid 55 EUR for 5 days. We got the cheapest offer from

  • Parking and driving in Malta

If you do decide to rent a car in Malta, be aware that driving there is on the left side. Some people say that drivers in Malta are crazy, but we did not have any bad experiences with them. Maybe because we have lots of experiences from other countries or everything might feel like it because we were there off-season and the mad drivers are the tourists themselves.

If you are traveling to Malta off-season you will also find lots of free parking spaces right in the city center or near the tourist attractions.

  • Accommodations in Malta                                                                            

Malta is extremely popular as a tourist destination and due to this fact you will find plenty of accommodations for every budget there. Prices will drop significantly off-season, what will make your travel to Malta on a budget much easier. We would recommend you to choose accommodation is St. Julians or Sliema, where all the happening is on.

  • Food in Malta

 Maltese food is a wonderful mixture of Mediterranean, Italian and Arabic flavors. Being an island country, Malta also has delicious and freshly prepared sea-food. Don’t even be surprised if seeing rabbit meat on the menus, especially in Gozo. Read more about food in Malta here.

  • TOP Malta tourist attractions

Before our Malta travel, we did not even hope for such cultural, natural and historical richness. You can feel a mixture of different worlds even in tourist attractions – medina, megalithic temples, roman catacombs… You will not be bored in Malta and that’s a promise. What are must sees in Malta, find out here.

  • Communications in Malta

Malta was once part of Great Britain and that is why everyone speaks good English. Being close to Italy, you also won’t have any major problems with Italian or any other European language – there are lots of employees in tourism industry that come from all kind of parts in Europe to work.

  • Best time for Malta travel

There is no bad time for Malta travel. I guess your best time depends on what you are interested in. If you are into hot summer days and swimming, you will definitely come to Malta during summer, but if you want to avoid the crowds you will need to avoid the summer. We traveled to Malta in January and loved it – the temperatures were pleasantly warm, the sun was shining and it felt like spring. Malta is perfect destination if you want a break from cold winter days.

Malta is a tiny country, but we have not met anyone yet, not liking it. Malta was a pleasant surprise for us too and we are sure we will visit it again – if nothing else, it will definitely be a great and cheap winter escape.

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