making money blogging

There are numerous people/travelers, who dream about making money blogging. But is making money blogging only a distant dream or is this something we can all travel bloggers looking forward to?

Making money blogging is possible

Making money blogging is of course possible. To look on this from a wider perspective – you can make money with everything that crosses your mind, but you might be your biggest obsticle. Writing a travel blog will not just earn you some extra money, but looking on professional travel bloggers, you can easily imagine yourself to do this as a full-time job too.

Full-time job because of travel blogging – it does sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Show us one person, who would not like to travel the world and earn money from this. Well, unfortunately the reality is not as easy, as everything sounds.

Making money blogging means hard work

If you think that travel blogging is easy, think again. Well, it can be easy, but as soon as you want to start making money blogging, it gets hard. You will need to start writing a blog seriously and professionally, meaning you’ll need to post 2-3 blog post per week, what can be time consuming. Don’t think that this is it – you will have to do this for several years!

We are writing this travel blog in two languages and because English is not our first language we struggle a lot with it. We try to avoid gramatik and spelling mistakes, but when you’re not a native speaker you just can’t do it as good as someone who’s first words were in English.

We both have full-time jobs (not blogging) and the only time we have time to write are evenings and weekends. It sometimes seems, like we don’t even have a life anymore, but so far we have been still managing to write 2-3 blog post per week.

Making money blogging doesn’t come overnight

Looking back, when we started with serious blogging, we now can be pretty happy with the results. We’ve been invited to 4 press trips and we even won a trip to Australia. Travel to Australia was actually an award for being recognized as one of the TOP 16 travel blogs in the world. The competition Big Blog Exchange was held by Hostelling International.

Making money blogging still seems very distant to us, but everything depends on what you are willing to do and sacrifices for this. Nothing really comes overnight and also making money blogging does not.

Making money blogging should not be your first goal

We sometimes ask ourselves if it is all worth it (we look like zombies from all the work), but then we start reading our blog posts. We’ve been involved in so many adventures and we have experienced so much. It is nice to read about them and feel the butterflies in our stomach from excitement. Just because of all this wonderful memories, which we would never write down, if it was not for the blog, everything is worth it.

But I guess our biggest rewards are you – our faithful readers. You are our biggest motivation – all your comments, greetings from the other side of the world, photos from your trips, answers or remarks… Some things are just priceless and thank you for being here.

Making money blogging is like running a marathon

Making money blogging is definitely possible, but if you will start travel blogging only because of the money, don’t do it. You will just give up over it before you will earn your first cent. Making money blogging is like running a marathon. To cross the finish line you really need to be passionate about running, as only your passion will make you motivated and persistent. If you have all these, you are definitely on the right track making money blogging.

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