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Have you ever asked yourself how to make money from traveling? I guess no one would mind earning few bucks for the next travel or for at least a short getaway. Good news – YES, you can make money from traveling, but working hard is essential.

Six best ways to make money from traveling

1. Travel talks

If you like public speaking and enjoy having your eyes on you, travel talks are the best way to make some money. Prepare yourself well, pick the best photos out and contact pubs, libraries, organizations, set the date, hour and price and you are ready to go.

2. Travel articles

If you prefer writing over talking, writing travel articles is definitely a good option to make money from your traveled country. You should not expect extremely high income from travel articles though, but all depends on one thing – where the article will be published. If you have the guts, go for the In-Flight Magazines, but your photos and text have to be top notch!

3. Selling photos

Internet made things so much easier to get some additional income and this goes the same for photos. There are many pages out there, who will stock your photos and sell them. To name a few: iStock Photo, Flickr Collection, Alamy, SmugMug, Shutterstock etc…

4. Travel sites

There are some travel sites, which will give you a certain provision from their ads earnings. How high will your earnings be, depends greatly from the likes, shares, comments and clicks – more involment you have, more money you make. Check out I Love Journeys and write for them – you can now earn 100 USD for the best article!

5. Travel blog

Oh yes, you can definitely make money blogging, but you will have to put a lot of effort in this. Money comes when you get readers and before you do get them, you will have to spend lots of time posting, writing, thinking and promoting. If you are here only for the money, you might just stop thinking to have your own travel blog as making money with blogging is a marathon!

Our TOP 10 travel blogs, which rocks and definitely make money from traveling: Nomadic MattOur Awesome PlanetY Travel BlogA Luxury Travel BlogAdventurous KateTrue NomadsLegal NomadsOne Step 4WardTravel DudesGo Backpacking.

6. You Tube

If you make amazing video footage, you can make a fortune with it. Like so many times, all depends of the views and you can get large number of views only if you have something amazing, funny, scary… to show. We are no pros and not a single sent was earned, but would love if you can take a look at our YouTube channel.

Have you ever made any money from traveling? How did you do it? We would love to hear from you!