low budget travvels, how to find a soul mate, testing a relationship

I know, this is a very bold statement, but looking at it deeper, it does not go far from it. If you are like me and traveling is your first love and biggest addiction, you will only know if your love one is really your soul mate, when you go traveling with him/her.

Telling you my story would be best to really understand my point. Simon and I were not long together, when I decided to do a little test. I liked everything about him and before things would go too serious, I wanted to make sure that he is really the right guy for me.

I could say traveling is in my blood. My first travel was at the age of three and from that time one, I’ve been traveling constantly. Traveling was really the only thing, where I was not prepared to make any compromises and sacrifices – none, nada, zero, null, niente…

Meeting Simon was even trickier as he has never been traveling. In fact, he has never even been on a plane! Things could go really messy if he would not like traveling and we would be in a serious relationship. The decision was made – I am taking Simon with me on a real low budget travel.

Why low budget travel, you might ask? I had two good reasons:

  1. Low budget travels are all I was able to afford
  2. Low budget travels reveal quickly the real character of a person

We are all happy and cheerful when everything goes according to the plan and when we stay in a luxury hotel, drive around with air-con buses, eat in a fancy restaurants etc. Traveling low budget can give you a basic plan, but it is always subject to change – nothing really goes according to it. You never know where you will sleep and how your room will look like, what and where you will be eating, what kind of transport is going your way, will you be able to take a shower after a long hot day… The only rule when traveling low budget, is actually your budget.

Low budget travels can often serve you with numerous problems if your travel partner is different minded from yourself. If you have not been traveling only solo, you know exactly how this goes – different interests can arise to disagreements, resentments and sometimes even brought you to a decision, that going separate ways at the spot is actually the best way. When things are not perfect, masks are falling down and real characters are revealing quickly.

Not just revealing the real you, also spending 24 hours per day together can be tricky. You are together in good or bad, sickness and health… It is not a romantic sight when your partner is having digestive problems due to poor travel hygiene, which can even lead to diarrhea and vomiting. Now tell me, if surviving all this does not make you a great partner. If you even have the same interests, desires and views towards life and your future, you definitely found yourself a soul mate.

low budget travvels, how to find a soul mate, testing a relationship

Low budget travels are best to test your relationship

 Oh, last but not least – a proof that Simon passed the test with best possible mark – we did get married after only 11 months being together.