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Sometimes I still get surprised questions regarding my traveling. The most common questions are:

  • Why do you love to travel so much?
  • Don’t you get bored with travelling so often?
  • Is there still anything that amaze you?
  • Why do you »throw« all your money away for non luxury (all inclusive) holidays and  spend it for cheap rooms in which most of the people, would not even step in?

I have decided to finally come out with this big secret of mine and answer on the most freguently asked questions regarding my love to travel. Once and for good,  here are my reasons why I love to travel.

My TOP 5 reasons, why I love to travel


Each travel is a new adventure, new story and new memory… Because of them, not a single travel can compare to each other, even if we visit the same destination over and over. On our travels stories are being made, which stay with us forever…. Some of them are fun, the others might be sad, and some of them are full of adrenalin… And to top it off, you never know what is waiting for you, but you always know, it definitely will be worth your memory.

love to travel, travel blog, traveling

Travel is adventure and that is why I love to travel

Getting to know the differences

The curiosity for different cultures, ways of life, food, people and their thinking is being present in my life since I know about my self. Cultures around the world are very different from each other … Allowing yourself to accept these differences can be extremely hard sometimes. But if you try enough and if you torn down all the obstacles in your head, you see and you understand… You don’t need to agree with it, but just trying to understand, makes you better… makes you richer.

love to travel, travel blog, traveling

I love to travel, because travels spread my horizons

Better and richer me

Maybe this will sound a bit unfair, but I do think, travelers are better people. With each new trip you see the harsh reality of life and you are confronted with poor conditions in which (to) many people live in … This knowledge definitely makes you more humble and modest… Your thoughts and perceptions of the world become richer in so many ways…

love to travel, travel blog, traveling

I love to travel, because travels enrich my soul and mind


On my travels I have always met amazing people…. people who have a special place in my heart. No matter if we just met for a few minutes or if these minutes had grown in a greater friendship. People are the ones, who make our trips more beautiful, more interesting and definitely unforgettable… People, who have nothing, but give you everything. And people who are not educated, but teach you the most important lessons in your life…

love to travel, travel blog, traveling

People are my biggest reasons, why I love to travel


And of course last, but definitely not less important… Travels are my love, my passion… I love them, simple as that! I never expect anything from them, but I always get so much back in return… and that just don’t come with a price tag….

love to travel, travel blog, traveling

I just love to travel – simple as that!

There are numerous other reasons why I love to travel and each person has its own reasons why traveling is so rewarding, so don’t stay at home and find them out.