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Being back home I have mixed feelings. I am happy to see my family and friends again, but on the other hand, I am a bit sad that our overland adventure has ended.

Due to Ren’s fever and already being on our way home, with few more stops in between, we decided we just won’t postpone our return home anymore. Sleeping in the car and waking up in chilly mornings, while Ren has a fever, it would not make any sense. After all we were not far away from home anyway.

This was our first real adventure with Ren, but definitely not the last one, so we rather ended it with being sorry, it ended after 2 months, than being sorry if Ren’s health would become worse and we would need to look for a doctor in a foreign land – especially if we could avoid it.

We have slowly been understanding what all we have seen and experienced. Being on the road for 2 months with a baby was not easy. Sometimes it was so hard, we were asking ourselves if we did the right thing… But when looking back at everything, we got exactly what we wanted with this travel – time for us as a family, for getting to know each other and for bonding. When you upgrade all these with traveling, exploring new places and meeting new people we only have one word to describe our adventure – priceless.