Lifesaver, Lifesaver jerrycan, Lifesaver review

Lifesaver jerrycan is one of those products, which does not stand out for no reason among numerous camping equipment and adventurous gear. With the help of Lifesaver every water (except the salty one), can be made drinkable without even boiling it.

What is Lifesaver and who stands behind the brand?

The company, which stands behind the Lifesaver brand, comes from Great Britain. We don’t just find the jerrycans under Lifesaver, but also smaller bottles for hikers. All the Lifesaver products have special water filters, for which the water is immediately safe for drinking.

The goal of the company is that the Lifesaver products would become available in the third world countries and everywhere where lack of drinking water is a problem. The products are also perfect everywhere where there are epidemics, natural catastrophes, wars and different kind of world crises. Having the Lifesaver, you can get drinkable water from every puddle, and get the most important life source without a big hussle.

How Lifesaver works?

It does not matter which Lifesaver product are we talking about, every single one of them is known to have the special water filter. Their water filters purify each bacteria, virus, cists, parasites and fungus – larger than 0,015 micrones (15 nanometers), what means that no matter how polluted the water is, the Lifesaver water filter makes it drinkable in no time. The Lifesaver products have the NSF certified water purifier filter and are produced according to the US Army Public Health Center protocol P248.

What about the Lifesaver jerrycane?

The Lifesaver jerrycan can be purchased in three different colors and two varieties. One model has the possibility to purified 10.000 liters of water, when the other model can purified 20.000 liters. Once your Jerrycan has been primed, it can be used until the filter eventually blocks up, after approximately 10,000 or 20,000 litres depending which filter you have. When this happens you can buy a replacement filter cartridge. Apart from the water filter, the kit also includes charcoal, which binds chlorine, taste and smell. The water can be used with all kind of water, except the salty one.

Lifesaver jerrycan characteristics

Lifesaver jerrycan dimensions are 36 x 18 x 51 cm and can storage up to 18,5 liters of water. The volume of the filter is 1,5 liters. The jerrycan weights 3,9 kilos. Its volume is problematic when wanting to get water from shallow grounds, but whenever you come across it, you can help yourself with smaller cups to fill up the jerrycan.

The Lifesaver jerrycan is made out of extremely strong plastic, without BPA and BPS. A manual air pump is used to purify the water through the filter. The constant flux reached is 2L/minute. The jerrycan kit also includes a shower, for which we first though it is there more or less to add value to the product, but when we first use it, we were very impressed over its functionality. Now we use it for showering all the time and it is also very practical for washing the dishes.

The opening cap locks with a turn, so no matter how rough the terrain is, you can drive the jerrycan in horizontal or vertical position and it will not cause any licking.

What is the price for a Lifesaver jerrycan?

I will admit, the price is not low and when you have to pay so much for a jerrycan, your heart does ache a little. The price for 10.000 liters jerry can is 260 EUR and 20.000 liter costs 312 EUR. The filter, charcoal and shower is included in the price.

The price sure sounds a lot, but if you start calculating how many plastic bottles of water you would need to buy for the same capacity of drinking water, Lifesaver jerrycan already sounds like a very good investment. Not to mention what a good impact you leave on the planet with using the filter instead of all the plastic bottles.

What is the best with using Lifesaver jerrycan?

If you ask us, the number one priority of using the Lifesaver jerrycan is, to have drinkable water with you all the time. We stopped looking for grocery shops, just because we ran out of bottled water. Now we can use rivers, lakes, ponds without asking ourselves if the water is safe for drinking or not. Not to mention, we can even get a good shower in the middle of nowhere too. Priceless and perfect.

We are not one of those people, who would get excited over everything, but Lifesaver jerrycan brought our attention as soon as we read about its features. When we saw the jerrycan in action (our friends had it before we did), we were more than convinced and decided we just have to have it too. We have been using the Lifesaver jerrycan for about 6 months now and I can easily confirm it did become indispensable on all our overland trips and travels and with that also one of the best possible investments into our camping and car equipment.