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Layover in Lisbon might sounds bad, but the Lisbon airport is perfectly connected by metro and easy to reach, what makes it great to visit only in few hours long layover. 

Layover in Lisbon and things to do in 6 hours

We had 6 hours layover at the Lisbon airport between flights to Madeira, so we were extremely glad, when realized that the old city center of Lisbon is just around 30 minutes’ drive with the city metro. In our case 6 hours long layover ment around 3 hours for exploration, taking into account the transportation time and getting through all the custom checks.

Layover in Lisbon

The quickest and cheapest way to reach the old city center from the airport is with the metro (Layover in Lisbon)

We bought the metro tickets from the vending machines and decided to stop for a cup of coffee at the Praça do Comércio square. The square is probably one of the best known among tourists in Lisbon and we now know why. After the heavy earthquake in 1755, the square was beautifully renovated and it will still charm you with its beauty today.

Layover in Lisbon

Gorgeous Praca do Comercio square (Layover in Lisbon)

We first decided to find a local cafe for a snack, as we came there just in time for lunch. As soon as we stepped into the coffee shop we saw some typical snacks. The salty fried snack filed with shrimps was good, but only until we tasted the typical Portuguese pastry – Pasteis de Belém. The vanilla-egg cream was to die for and everything tasted even better with extra cinnamon on top. Yummy!! If for nothing else, I know exactly, why I’ll be back to Portugal.

Layover in Lisbon

The vanilla-egg pastry with cinnamon was delicious (Layover in Lisbon)

After the quick bite we explored the famous Praça do Comércio square. We just walked around, taking photos, sat under the warm Portuguese sun and enjoyed the vibes of the city.

Layover in Lisbon

Enjoying the views (Layover in Lisbon)

Layover in Lisbon

Exploring the old streets (Layover in Lisbon)

We have to admit, that this quick visit to Lisbon was far from enough, but due to the 6 hours layover we were still able to get the first impression of Lisbon – the city is nice indeed.

How to reach Praça do Comércio during the layover at Lisbon airport?

  • Metro

Buy the rechargeable electronic card Viva Viagem from the vending machines at the metro station. It costs 0,50€ and you can use it up to a year. You will need to upload some money on it. We loaded 2,50€/pp, what was enough to reach the city from the airport and coming back as well. Just make sure to have enough coins or pay with Visa or Mastercard.

  • Which metro line to use?

Starting your journey at the Lisbon airport, you will only have one line available – the red one. Drive on it until the end (Sao Sebastiano stop) and then change it to the blue line via Terreiro do Paco. The Terreiro do Paco is also the final stop of the blue metro line, what is also your final destination – Praça do Comércio square.

Layover in Lisbon

Memory photo of our layover in Lisbon

Lisbon is such a wonderful city to wander, so whenever you will have few hours long layover in Lisbon, make sure to grab it, as walking around among its historical buildings, sure sounds much better than waiting at the airport for the connected flight.