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Katschberg most people connect with winter sports, but this Austrian mountain pass, with 1641 meters of altitude is actually very attractive during the summer too. Katschberg in summer offers so many things to do, making it the perfect place for holidays and active families.

12 best things to do in Katschberg in summer for families

Hiking trails in Katschberg

Katschberg in summer offers more than 50 amazing hiking trails for every fitness level, including some for the little hikers. We would recommend you to take the trail to Pritzhütte as it is very scenic and perfect for all generations.


If you visited Katschberg in winter, especially in December, when it is time for Christmas markets, you for sure have visited the Pritzhütte – beginning of the Katschberg Adventweg. The cottage is about 4 kilometers away from the village of Katschberghöhe. The path is well marked and maintained, so it is suitable for strollers and bicycles too, making it great for families with young kids. An extra bonus are the ponies, waiting for the little ones right next to the cottage. Kids can ride them or pet them. If you start your walk from the village, you will need around 1.5 hours with kids (we were there with 3,5 year old). You can shorten the hike with leaving the car a bit further up the village – in the Oberkatschberg, on the parking lot after the Alpengasthof Bacher.

Natural reserve Pöllatal

A very charming path, running through the forest and along the stream can be found a bit outside of the village Rennweg am Katschberg. It is set in a natural reserve Pöllatal. Leave your car at the parking lot, where the path starts and runs 6 kilometers into the valley. The scenic trail with mazing views will pass some playgrounds and cottages too.


If you are in Katschberg in summer with kids, make sure to walk on the animal theme path around the village of Katschberghöhe. Kids will love it as the path includes several stops with different playgrounds, where they can climb as aunts, walk like bears, pretend to be a snake… After crossing up all the challanges they can even get a present in the tourist information center, showing them the filled out, previously got, flyer.

Numerous playgrounds in Katschberg

Ever since we became parents we realized that having playgrounds around you make a destination much more family friendly. Playgrounds are of course not the only reason, but to be honest, with them traveling can be easier for the whole family – kids and parents. You will find several playgrounds already in the village of Katschberghöhe, but we like best the unique Katschausen. Kids will learn about nature through play and riddles there, but will also enjoy the swings, slides and so much more.

Summer toboggan Katschi Goldfahrt

If you are keen on adrenalin, you will enjoy the summer toboggan for sure. With the ride on Katschi Goldfahrt you will even find out that Katschberg was once the place for gold mining. The area with the summer toboggan is also a great place for relaxation and enjoying the views.

Aineckbahn chairlift

The chairlift which takes you up to 2215 meters of altitude runs during the summer too. You can either enjoy the views or continue with further explorations on several hiking paths, running from the top. You will also find a cottage there to enjoy local food, while the kids can have fun at the playground along the cottage.

Pony rides

If you ask me, one of the best things in Katschberg in summer for kids is the pony riding. You can find the ponies at the Pritzhütte. If you have the KatschbergCard Unlimited, the pony rides are for free once per day.

Sport fields

Hiking might not be for everyone, so Katschberghöhe offers several sport fields too. You can choose among tennis, beach volleyball or soccer. The sport fields are right next to the Katschausen theme park.


The region of Katschberg has lots of cycling paths and what is great about them is the fact that they are not suitable just for the mountain bikes, but also for ordinary cyclists or E-bikes. Some easy cycling paths can be found in the valley of Rennweg am Katschberg.

Ride with a horse carriage

Hiking is fun, but as soon as the kids will see the horse carriages, they will put a shine on them without a doubt. A bit outside of the Katschberghöhe it is a village Oberkatschberg, where the horse carriages (Ponyalm Express) are parked in front of the Alepngasthof Bacher. They can take you to the Pritzhütte. You can have almost the same experience during the winter time, when the horse carriages are set on sledges, taking you to the Katschberg Adventweg.

Enjoy swimming pools

You will find a nice outdoor swimming pool in the Rennweg am Katschberg, but many hotels have its own swimming pool too.

Tschu tschu train

Instead of taking the scenic hiking path along the stream to the natural reserve Pöllatal, you can take the Tsch Tschu train. The ride is very picturesque and runs along the Lieser stream.

A trip to Gmünd

If you have bad weather in Katschberg in summer, you can still enjoy some day trips. You might want to check the Kölnbrein damn (52 km away) or wander around the medieval town Gmünd (24 km away). You will also find the private Porsche Museum and a castle in town. If you enjoy castles, you can also visit two more, set near Katschberg – Moosham (22 km away) and Mautendorf (28 km away).

KatschbergCard Unlimited

No matter how long will you stay in Katschberg, the KatschbergCard Unlimited will come in use for many things to do there. You cannot buy the card, but if you stay in the partner hotels, offering it, you get it for free. It will be valid during your complete stay. Our hotel, Family Hotel Hinteregger, also offers it. The hotel has a good location to reach all the main things to do in Katschberghöhe on foot. In the price of the Family Hotel Hinteregger full bord, kid’s animation, swimming pool, saunas and beautiful rooms (our kid’s room even had a climbing wall) are included. Staying at the hotel, we were able to do several activities free of charge because of the KatschbergCard Unlimited, which includes:

  • Daily pony rides at the Pritzhütte
  • Unlimited rides with the chairlift Aineckbahn
  • Unlimited rides with the Tschu Tschu train to the natural reserve Pöllatal
  • One daily entrance to the sport hall »TheCage«
  • Unlimited use of outdoor sport fields (tennis, soccer, beach volleyball)
  • Daily hiking-active program

Apart from the free activities the KatschbergCard Unlimited includes discounts with several partners, offering different kinds of activities, sights and destinations. More information about the card here.

We are a family who cannot imagine summer without the sea, but for several years in a row, we have been combining the sea with summer holidays in the mountains too. Fresh air with lower temperatures are perfect for outdoor activities and to enjoy the nature. Even though we had not got the perfect weather for our summer holidays in Katschberg, we enjoyed the destination so much, that we are already looking forward to be back again.

A video on how we spent amazing summer in Katschberg as a family, is available here.