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There are towns and cities all around the world, known only for one specific thing. And I guess you cannot find a better place for a romantic getaway than Paris!

But what romance really is will depend greatly of who you ask. We actually spent some of our best romantic days in the middle of no-where, surrounded by tall sand dunes in Oman without seeing shower for days. We always like to remember our evenings there, just staring at the starry sky and cuddle in front of the camping fire. That was our time…time for sweet talks, sharing dreams and making new plans…

But I guess our way of romance does not convince many, as for most of the people we know, spending days in a tent, without bathroom and having your mouth full of sand is far from being romantic. I guess for many the best place for romance is Paris, the capital of France.

“But is Paris really the world’s best capital for romance?
Is the city really the place to be for passionate kisses, hugs, holding hands and blue chansons? It is about time to check it out.”

We are traveling to Paris for 3 full days and cannot wait to stroll around its narrow and picturesque streets, relax in its numerous parks and taste its delicious pastry.

We would also like to know Paris for what it is, without paying expensive entrance fees. We would not mind visiting its world’s famous museums, but having only 3 days in Paris, we had to make some compromises.

For us, having only few hours in such a museum like lets say Louvre is pure torture… Imagine bringing a child in a chocolate factory without offering him/her the chocolate. In our case, visiting museums for few hours only can be a similar thing. If we cannot have them for the whole day, it is better not even to have a bite.

Nevertheless, museums will be in Paris for our next visit too and we will definitely put them on our bucket list then, but for now, we will take a bite into Paris’s city vibes and the local life. We are sure Paris is so much more than running from one tourist attraction to another. Paris is about life, enjoyment and indulgance and we cannot wait to explore it!