travel money, money for traveling, travel life style

Sometimes I need days to find a good topic for a new blog post, but sometimes I get an idea from a simple Instagram chit-chat.

If someone tells you, travels don’t costs a thing, they either have someone sponsoring them or they travel, using kind locals to host them. Well, that kind of traveling was never my kind of thing – I always was independent and I never have had a heart to exploit someone’s hospitality.

I have been traveling independently (without parents) for 18 years already. I did all kind of students work and saved every penny just for one thing – to be able to travel. I have never really asked myself how much money did traveling cost me during all these years, but a quick calculation should easily come to a cost of an upper class car.

travel money, money for traveling, travel life style

Traveling with our “car-home”

But on the other hand, I have always been very strict to myself where my hard earned money goes. Luckily I have never been keen on fashion, clothes, cosmetic and I am also not an impulsive buyer. I am also not one of those people, who stand in line on Black Friday before the stores are even opened. That’s just not my cup of tea. I even do my own Christmas presents – they are not worth a fortune, but at least they are made with love.

Well, but I do have my own weaknesses as well – books. I cannot live without them and I enjoy books which help me grow.

Whenever I need something, I always try to ask myself if I REALLY need this… and what this amount means for traveling – a day, a week, maybe two weeks on the road. Asking myself this, I normally change my mind and I leave home empty handed.

I also like to eat good and well. I feel blessed to have my own veggies garden at home. It is not much, but still big enough to eat fresh veggies and to prepare them for winter. This way I know what we are eating and I don’t spend a fortune on farmer’s markets for quality products.

India travel, travel to India, india travel blog, traveling to india

Incredible India travel

Sometimes a friend of mine asks, how can I even find time for all this when I have a 9-5 job, being a wife, a mother and a blogger. How can I still find time for my own veggies, for cooking, baking and be creative? Well, sometimes it is not easy, but if you know what you like and enjoy doing that with passion, everything can be done with a good organization.

I am determined proponent that the best things are home-made; things you put time, love and your effort in. And that is exactly why I always manage to find time for these kinds of things.

travel money, money for traveling, travel life style

Traveling as a life-style

Sure, I would not mind having savings on my bank account and traveling the world as well, but reality is different. I don’t earn enough to have both things, so if I have to choose, I will always choose to live a full life – life full with memories, experiences, adventures, knowledge and friends. And no, I don’t spend money for traveling; I invest it in my self!