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If your pregnancy runs without any problems and health issues, there is absolutely no need to be staying at home. Traveling during pregnancy can be very rewarding, but also a little bit different from what you might be used to before you got the belly.

In fact, our travels were already different when I was in first, second and third trimester. When I was in my first trimester I was always tired and sleepy. There were times I slept for 14 hours without waking up in between. The second trimester was all about food and my hunger and during my third trimester I needed lots of rest and stops for the toilet.

Major differences on traveling during pregnancy?

  • Worrying for your little pumpkin

The first priority should always be your health and the health of your little pumpkin. That is why a gynecological checkup was the first thing done before traveling. If we got a green light, it was time for another adventure.

  • Tempo for exploration

No matter in which trimester I was in, all our travels were adjusted to suit me and my needs. There were days, where I almost burst up from energy and then there were days, when I would sleep all day long. That is also the main reason we did not have any fixed plans for our travels during my pregnancy.

  • Lots of rests

There was always time for a rest. At first, we needed to close the days earlier, because I was in bed at 7pm. Later on, my big belly and additional weight I was carrying, showed me, how a good rest is important – especially in the last, third trimester.

  • Always hungry

Before I was pregnant, I have already eaten frequently, but with being pregnant, this became inevitable. I became hungry in a second and I needed to eat something NOW and not a bit later. There was a short period during pregnancy, when I was hungry all the time, so I did not leave the house / hotel room without few snacks. It was also important for me to eaten one cooked meal per day.

  • Looking for a toilet

Oh yes, looking for a toilet was one of the trickiest things, especially in the third trimester. It is advisable to drink lots of water during pregnancy and for that looking for a loo, became even more frequent. The baby pushes on the bladder, for what you think you will not even make it to the toilet, but at the end all you can lose is few drops and that can be happening few times in one hour. That is why, we made lots of stops. At the end we joined our stops with a drink, visiting the rest room and a rest.

  • Unpleasant back pains

I had the back pains almost from the beginning of my pregnancy, so I knew it will not become better later on. I was doing some exercises, which helped a lot, but walking around and carrying the small backpack on my shoulders, did not help avoiding the pains. The back pains were definitely also one of the reasons, for more stops.

  • Taking photos

I am not really keen of being photographed, but this changed with my belly getting bigger. After all, we needed to make some memories on traveling during pregnancy.

  • Looking for playgrounds

It was so funny, but I have become more aware of kids playgrounds and sights now that I am pregnant. I had never put any major focus on these things before pregnancy, but everything changed with my belly getting bigger.

traveling during pregnancy, how pregnancy changes traveling, traveling and pregnancy

Traveling during pregnancy is different, but still rewarding and unforgettable

Traveling during pregnancy definitely changes your way of exploration, but if you can adjust to the needs you have, travels can still be very enjoyable, fun and unforgettable. So don’t think your world will end with being pregnant and don’t forget to enjoy traveling – having a »secret« passenger on your adventures is truly rewarding experience.

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