Adams Peak Sri Lanka, Sri pada Sri Lanka

Hike to Adam’s Peak in Sri lanka was on our bucket list as soon as we knew, we are traveling to Sri lanka.

We have never been early morning risers, but when an adventure is ahead of us, everything gets another perspective. The alarm clock woke us up in the middle of the night – it was 3am! It will be a long day today, as we were heading to the top of the Adam’s Peak – one of the most important pilgrim places in Sri Lanka.

Hike to Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak belongs to Buddhists, Catholics and Hindus

Adam’s Peak is an unusual combination of religions, but Adam’s Peak really belongs to all three religions. What connect these religions are actually mysterious footprints. Catholics say it belongs to Adam and that this is his first footprint when he was exile from the paradise. Hindus claim that the footprints are of Shiva God and Buddhists believe the footprints are no one else’s than Buddhas. The original name of Adam’s Peak is Sri Pada, meaning “The Holly Footprints”.

Hike to Adam's Peak

Hiking to Adam’s Peak is 1000 meters in altitude (Hike to Adam’s Peak)

Five thousand steps to reach Adam’s Peak

It does not really matter to whom the footprints belong, as just climbing up to the top of the Adam’s peak will make you humble. There are more than 5000 steps towards the top and you have to beat 1000 meters of sea level, which stretch on 7 kilometers long path.

Hike to Adam's Peak

During the hike to Adam’s Peak, we also walk between tea plantations (Hike to Adam’s Peak)

Hike to Adam's Peak

The hike to Adam’s peak is steep and 7 kilometres long (Hike to Adam’s Peak)

Praying strings and white clothes

Adam’s Peak has been a pilgrim’s place for more than one thousand years and is very important to people in Sri Lanka. Lots of people make the climb barefoot and that is not only because of poverty, but also to make the pilgrim walk harder and more meaningful. Most of them wear white clothes, which symbolize their purity. During the climb to the Adam’s Peak, they also drag a praying string.

Hike to Adam's Peak

Pilgrims drag praying strings during the hike to Adam’s Peak (Hike to Adam’s Peak)

Birth or Death

You have two options to climb the Adam’s Peak – you can start at mid-day and wait at the top for the sunset (death) or you can start climbing during the night and reach the top for the sunrise (birth). We recommend reaching Adam’s Peak during the night as it is cooler and less humid. The good news is the whole path is lighted, but having a headlight would not hurt either.

Hike to Adam's Peak

Reaching Adam’s Peak means overcoming 5000 steps and the path is fully lighted (Hike to Adam’s Peak)

Hike to Adam's Peak

The best thing with the hike is reaching Adam’s Peak and waiting for the sunrise (Hike to Adam’s Peak)

Pack your warm clothes

To reach Adam’s Peak, which is 2243 meter high, you have to overcome more than 5000 steps, but to make your step firm we would recommend closed shoes. We always travel with our hiking shoes and we were not sorry to have them with us for the hike. If you are traveling light and without a wind jacket and a fleece pullover, you can always buy some before the climb. There are many stands offering clothes, food and even souvenirs.

Hike to Adam's Peak

Waiting for the sunrise at the top of the Adam’s Peak (Hike to Adam’s Peak)

Respect in locals eyes

Our hike to Adam’s Peak was the highlight of our Sri Lanka travel without a doubt. It is something we will remember forever; after all we had sore legs and muscle pains from the hike for several more days. But to put this aside, the hike was amazing also because of the pilgrims, who showed us clearly that our respect for their religion and culture brought us their respect too.

Hike to Adam's Peak

Our hike to Adam’s Peak was the highlight of our Sri Lanka travel