Hamburg, Germany, Hamburg in one day, what to see in Hamburg

Hamburg in one day might seems a bit crazy for a city which spreads over 755 km2 (292 sq mi). I would love to stay longer, but my time was limited, so I knew, I cannot do and see everything. I decided to only explore Hamburg from the outside. No crazy running for visiting its many museums and churches, theaters and other attractions. 

Hamburg in one day

Hamburg even has some cute little picturesque streets (photo of the street near St. Mihaelis church)

One day in Hamburg is best to explore on a bike

Nothing can beat cycling around the center of Hamburg, even more if the weather is nice. Take your backpack, camera and enjoy, while northern wind is messing up your hair. Cycling in Hamburg is great, because the main attractions can all be reachable in few hours, even though you are not a pro biker. There are few roads which have little bit strange markings, but luckily many locals are cyclists and drivers are very tolerant to them. 

Hamburg in one day

Hamburg has a lot of cyclists and that is why drivers are use to them, what makes cycling very enjoyable (Hamburg in one day)

Price for renting a bike in Hamburg depends on the company, but let say it is around 13-15 EUR/day. Luckily, I was staying in Scandic Hamburg Emporio hotel, which has free rentals up to 4 hours for their guests.

Hamburg in one day

The best way to explore Hamburg is on a bike (Hamburg in one day)

Perfect one day in Hamburg – what to do and see?

  • City Hall

While cycling around Hamburg, you will most definitely pass the City Hall, with the famous 112 meters high tower – one of the most recognizable Hamburg postcard view. The square in front of it offers different street artists and fast food stands. Turning left or right, the streets are perfect for the shopaholics, no matter what your budget is. You might only be disappointed knowing that the Hamburg city center is almost empty at evenings. Hardly anyone is there, what is no surprise as the bars, restaurants and shops are closed. The city of Hamburg want to change this and has started with an open cinema in the summer time. During the winter, especially in the month of December, there are many stands selling traditional Christmas decorations and food.

Hamburg in one day

Hamburg with its City Hall and its 112 meter high tower (Hamburg in one day)

  • Parks and green areas

You will easily noticed, that Hamburg has many parks and green areas. In fact, the city is one of the European greenest cities. Lots of people can be found in parks walking, cycling, jogging, skating or just meeting friends.

Hamburg in one day

Hamburg has many beautiful parks – it has so many of them, that the city is known as one of the greenest cities in Europe (Hamburg in one day)

  • Alster Lake

One of the most known places in Hamburg is also the Alster Lake. Locals like it for its relax atmosphere and good views, while tourists manly come here to embark on the tourist boats, which show Hamburg from another perspective. The ride will take you through many water canals, for which Hamburg has more than 2300 bridges. This high number makes Hamburg the city with the biggest number of bridges in the world.

Hamburg in one day

Alster Lake in Hamburg is ideal to enjoy the typical city views (Hamburg in one day)

  • Fischbrötchen

Hamburg in a day, especially after cycling, would be incomplete without trying the Fischbrötchen is a must! This is actually a sandwich with fish and if you really want to do it like the locals do, try it with the raw fish – Herring. It is normally served with some onions, pickles and a white sauce. This local snack / lunch will cost you about 2,50-4 EUR.

  • Teekontor Speicherstadt and Coffee Roastery

If you like tea or coffee, there is no better place than visiting a teahouse Teekontor Speicherstadt on Dienerreihe street or a coffee roastery in the large brick building in HafenCity. The smell of roasted coffee will welcome you already at the front doors…mmmmm….

  • Church of St. Michaelis

The symbol of Hamburg is a church of St. Michaelis. It is said to be one of the largest and also the most beautiful churches in Northern Germany. It is built in a baroque style, but it is actually a protestant church. Even if you are limited with time and having just 24 hours in Hamburg, go off your bike and walk inside. It is breathtaking, not to mention that climbing the tower offers splendid views over the whole Hamburg, its port and even the nearest countryside.

Hamburg in one day

St. Michaelis Church is a symbol of Hamburg (Hamburg in one day)

  • St. Pauli quarter

If you are already in Hamburg you should not miss the funky quarter of St. Pauli. It is well visited among locals and tourists. You can find wild party atmosphere here. There are lots of bars, clubs and even bordellos. The prostitution is legal here and St. Pauli has always been known for a large numbers of “ladies of the night” and now, there are »only« 4000 of them left. The most attractive street is called Reeperbahn and it is actually Hamburg’s red-light district. If you want to see it, you can only do it if you are a male, aged 18 or more.  Maybe the most interesting fact about this St. Pauli quarter is, that just few meters away from the red-light distric, we can find elegant people, visiting one of the most popular theaters in Hamburg.

Hamburg in one day

Red quarter in St. Paulis is popular with locals and tourists (Hamburg in one day)

  • Schanczen Strasse and Landungs Bridge

If you are not so much into the St. Pauli quarter, but you still want to have fun, head up to Schanczen Strasse. The street is popular among students and packed with bars, clubs and restaurants. A nice place to spend your afternoon and evening is also around Landungs Bridge.

Hamburg in one day

Area around Landungs Bridge is perfect for an afternoon walk and romantic dinner on the shores of the Elbe river (Hamburg in one day)

  • Elbe Philharmonic

Everyone who likes culture will love the fact that Hamburg is the perfect place to be in for concerts, operas, theater performances and musicals. Hamburg is actually the place for musicals in German language. Culture in Hamburg has a big importance, so no wonder that one of the city’s main attractions is the new Elbe Philharmonic. It is still under constructions, but even now it already looks splendid. The guided tour is already available and costs from 3 to 5 EUR/pp.

Hamburg in one day

Elbe Philharmonic in Hamburg is planned to be finished in 2017 (Hamburg in one day)

  • Fish Market

If you are visiting Hamburg on Sundays, don’t miss out on the famous fish market. Hamburg and Northern Germany use lots of seafood in its culinary and just when walking around the fish market, you will realise, what all can be caught in the Northern Sea.

Hamburg in one day

Due to the famous fisch market, all the seafood in Hamburg is freshly served (Hamburg in one day)

24 hours in Hamburg was a short stop, but the city has done a big positive impression on me. I am not a big fan of large cities, but maybe Hamburg is different because of its tidiness and a mixture of new and old. The diversity in architecture and its people are just icing on the cake. I guess a big help to this positive perception was also a nice, sunny weather, but as people in Hamburg say: “There is no bad weather, just wrong clothes!” One day in Hamburg was certainly not enough to do all the things I’d like, but it was long enough to realize, I will visit it again for sure. I cannot wait to hear and say »moin,moin« to someone again!