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We are finally steps away to our new adventure. This time we are flying to the other side of the world, but still staying in Europe.

After our roadtrip around Yucatan Peninsula in November, we again wanted a destination with warm sea, sandy beaches and colorful vibes. We did not think too long where to go, as the Caribbean were often on our minds, as an ideal destination to join holidays with some explorations too.

If you have read our travel plans for 2019, you already know, we are collaborating with Air France again. After successful collaboration, visiting New York City, Air France is now taking us to Guadeloupe.

Guadeloupe, being a French Island, we will not even leave the European Union, what also means, we will still be able to travel with our IDs and use Euros, what makes everything very simple. Not to mention that flying with Air France also means we will be able to start our journey from our domestic airport in Slovenia.

We will be again exploring a new destination with a rented car, to have all the necessary freedom. Not to mention, we will be visiting Guadeloupe during its carnival.

Join us on our exploration of Guadeloupe, this tiny French island in the middle of Caribbean, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. If you’ll get itchy feet because of our posts, check Air France site from time to time, as Guadeloupe can often be found among destinations with promotional flights.