You are planning a new travel and making all kind of organizations and bookings through different platforms and mobile phone applications. Can you even imagine not to book your accommodation online? More and more people have been searching the web for different kind of travel information, including accommodations.

There are two major players on the market, when it comes to hotels booking platforms ( and Expedia). Due to their influence, they are shaping the rules between them and hoteliers and are charging certain commission to hoteliers to be included in their base.

The new Go4.Global platform plans to change that. Their philosophy is a little bit different from others. Go4.Global takes lower commissions from hoteliers and with that offers lower prices to their customers. According to their calculations, the end consumer booking an accommodation through them saves from 5-30% comparing to other hotel booking platforms.

The main advantage to book your hotel through Go4.Global platform is in quality service. Their staff is specialized in what they do and is available 24/7. Their base includes more than 500.000 accommodations in 205 countries and in more than 80.000 different destinations, offering only tested and the best accommodations. But because they charge lower commission rates for their clients, they are very competitive with their prices.

Booking an accommodation through Go4.Global is well secured, completely safe and simple to use. You get an instant booking confirmation. And most importantly, the system does not save any of your payment details, so you can be worry free that someone could hack your bank account.

I must admit, that we have not yet tested the Go4.Global booking platform, but checking their web page, it does look promising. As soon as we will plan our next travel, we will test their service and let you know, how we did like it, so stay tuned for more.

The blog post is an advertisement for the new Go4.Global platform. Because we did not test them yet, we just did a general introduction of them. But the plan is to test them and let you know, how all goes.